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[news] Wonder Girls Facebook Update April 17, 2009

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Official Letter from Wonder Girls & JYP Entertainment – please please read!
Today at 9:12am
Hey all WG fans!!!

Just a friendly, important notice from the Wonder Girls & JYP Entertainment, so listen up!  We’re compiling a list of all of our lovely WG fans in the US, so it would be really helpful to us if you could respond by emailing us directly at wondergirls.jypusa@gmail.com – please use the following format in your response:

Name: First Middle Last

Location: City, STATE

Email Address: username@mailprovider.com

Age: ##

With this information, we will be updating all of you about upcoming events and possible promotional opportunities. With your name and email information, we will be able to send you personal updates regarding the Wonder Girls’ activities in the US! And if you provide us with information regarding your location and your age, we can determine, at the appropriate time, whether a certain group or locale of fans are able to help with certain promotional campaigns and/or receive occasional promotional items and packages from JYP Entertainment on behalf of the WG. Wonder Girls are trying to reach out to all their fans here in the States so we ask that you guys please respond back asap — show your love and support and stay in touch directly!!!

Thanks you guys! We’re looking forward to corresponding with everyone in the coming months!

JYP Entertainment

Source: Wonder Girls’ Facebook


6 Responses to “[news] Wonder Girls Facebook Update”

  1. pexinh2106 Says:


  2. pexinh2106 Says:


  3. yesohl92 Says:

    are you sure this was an update on their facebook? im not sure cause i checked their fb and didnt see anything

  4. _backy_ Says:

    At the same time they can see how many fans they actually have outside of Korea (and in the States). Smart.

  5. krazysindy Says:

    How I wish I lived in the US at times like these.

    Thanks for the update cutiegirl! or is it cutiegiurl? =S
    I’m confused now, xD

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