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[Ningin] Wonder Girls, Utada, BoA & Se7en featured in PEOPLE Magazine April 12, 2009

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Some of our favorite Asian artists are going to be hitting American newstands this month in People Magazine! Wonder Girls, Utada, BoA & Se7en are featured in a nice little write up in the April 20 issue called “Coming to America… Asian Pop Stars”. It’s like a little who’s who of “Interviewed by Ningin!”

It’s awesome to see these artists getting mainstream news coverage. Can you imagine how many doctor’s offices will be have this magazine lying around for years?!

I know the title says “Asian Pop Stars” but it’s nice to see Utada being noted as born and raised an Asian American New Yorker. I hope other artists of Asian descent that are active in the US will be featured in People Magazine soon! Dear People Magazine, might I suggest Far East Movement, Rachel Yamagata, Justin Nozuka, Thao & the Get Down Stay Down, Asobi Seksu, Blonde Redhead, Vienna Teng, and Priscilla Ahn?


One Response to “[Ningin] Wonder Girls, Utada, BoA & Se7en featured in PEOPLE Magazine”

  1. Frenchy_nana Says:

    Lol I bought that magazine only for the WG ^^ xD

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