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[Ningin] Ningin Reader Recap: PenguinDude’s Wonder Girls Experience April 12, 2009

Ningin reader Penguin Dude sent us a recap of his awesome backstage and on-stage experience with the Wonder Girls in New York City…

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I arrived at the Manhattan Center Studio a little before 4pm for rehearsal with the other YouTubers. After we all met, we were give instructions about exactly when and what we were going to perform. We all started practicing “Nobody” and were teaching it to those who didn’t know the dance as well. While were practicing, a cameraman for the Wonder Girl’s “Welcome to Wonderland” documentary started filming us. We got interviewed and got to send a message to one of the girls! (The cameraman was really nice and funny.)

Soon afterwards, we saw the Wonder Girls come up on stage and start rehearsing. We started to sneak up closer to the stage so we could watch them. All of a sudden, Ye Eun saw us and decided to introduce herself, say hi, and thank us for coming. She was super friendly and her English was really good! We tried taking pictures, but the backstage crew said we couldn’t take pictures of the rehearsal. There were also a lot of reporters there who recognized some of us from our YouTubes . They interviewed us about how we found out about the Wonder Girls, and asked us questions like which Wonder Girl was our favorite.

Once we finally got to rehearse our part, JYP came to talk to us. He thanked us and shook our hands. He was really nice too and he seemed really glad that we had come. The girls were really nice too once we got to meet them when we were rehearsing. Sun Ye grabbed my hand and said thank you for coming when we finished our dance! It was super cool!!! We didn’t really get to hang out with them before the concert because they were all getting ready.

After we rehearsed, we got to our seats. Mine was separate from everyone else, which was sad ☹. Once people started coming in, I went out to go buy some gifts, which was when I saw the Ningin staff!

The concert itself was so amazing! The girls really put on a great show, although the crowd seemed a little dead. (I didn’t even get to try out the Korean fan chants I had been practicing!) JYP, 2PM, and J-Lim put on a great show as well. After the concert we finally got to meet the girls, and we went backstage to their dressing room! They were all really nice, and spoke english really well! I got autographs from Sun Mi, Sun Ye, and Ye Eun, and a picture with Sun Mi!

We didn’t have much time backstage, because the press was right behind us, but it was still nice to actually talk to them. Sun Ye, and Ye Eun seemed the most talkative, I tried to talk to Sun Mi, but she seemed really shy. While we were there one of the YouTube scouts for JYP told Ye Eun about my videos and how I knew all three dances. All of a sudden Ye Eun said, “Oh! You did your videos in your room? I remember that one. You’re a big star!!” and then she high-fived me!! Best moment ever!!! It was definitely one of the best nights of my life, and I’m so thankful to the Wonder Girls and JYP to have had that opportunity.


One Response to “[Ningin] Ningin Reader Recap: PenguinDude’s Wonder Girls Experience”

  1. U.Bin Says:

    ah okay after I read now all the text of this article and that above I can only say I think they won any youtube dance contest maybe?

    cause I am so busy with all of my blogs and my uploads I am really behind with such things ~ I think I saw that boy with purple shirt on youtube and heard of that contest but nothing much ..
    hope I’m not wrong as you didnt wrote why they are dancing with WG XD

    whatever lucky people ~they make me jealous ~
    I tried to come backstage at any shows in korea but it was already so hard to join the show as a normal fan.. lol
    crazy : d

    whatever I think I should travel to US and there my chance to talk to WG should be bigger lol

    btw. I like the hair of the middle girl on that picture ~ : )

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