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[Ningin] Ningin Reader Recap: Minakocat’s Wonder Girls Roadtrip April 12, 2009

Ningin reader Minakocat sent us a recap of her unforgettable backstage and on-stage experience with the Wonder Girls in New York City…

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After a 10 hour drive to New York, I arrived the next day at the Concert Hall early in order to practice the dance and go once through rehersal. I got to meet all the other dancers! They were all soo fun to hang out with, especially since we were from all over the place! We were just practicing the dance when we heard “Yoobin check.” We all dashed to the stage to watch Wonder Girls rehearse.

Then, Ye Eun came over and shook all our hands and asked us where we were from. Then she goes, “I’m so nervous!” She was SO nice! Ye Eun really is the queen of fan service! Then JYPark came out to help us get set up and we were about to practice our dance with the Wonder Girls! Now, I was the one that was nervous! lol. We practiced our dance and then I realized So Hee was standing right next to me 🙂 They were so friendly and welcoming tho! JY went through and shook all of our hands.

Finally after a long rehersal, waiting, and someone else sitting in our seats (lol), the concert started! I was really surprised by 2PM, J-Lim, and especially JYPark! They had great stage presence. Though the Wonder Girls really stole my heart. The girls are just so talented! They really are inspirational. I feel like if i could try half as hard as they do and I would be okay. They are so amazing.

Then it was our time to dance! While we were waiting, JYPark came up to all of us giving us High-5’s and saying good luck! He was so nice the whole time. I loved watching him during the rehersal cause he was such a perfectionist. You can tell he works so hard for all of them. We went on stage and did our “Nobody” dance which was a shortened version of the original dance. During our dance, the Wonder Girls came on stage and danced with us! It was sooo fun! The crowd really seemed to love it. Then they told us to like hug the Wonder Girls. Like I said they were such sweethearts.

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After the show, we were allowed to go back stage to take pictures, give presents, and hang out. The Wonder Girls really are SO beautiful in person. I printed out a picture of me in my “So Hot” outfit/background with a note to them just pretty much saying they are amazing and how proud I am of them. And then I really didn’t have much to give them from the trip being so expensive and all, so I gave them a recent watercolor picture that I had done. Ye Eun absolutely like freaked out and was like oh I love it! ^_____^

 Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

It was just such a wonderful moment and time, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. I am so incredibly thankful to JYP Entertainment, JYPark, and of course the Wonder Girls. I will never forget the it.


One Response to “[Ningin] Ningin Reader Recap: Minakocat’s Wonder Girls Roadtrip”

  1. GiGi Says:

    Now is it just me, but do Yeeun and Sunmi look like twins in the first group picture?

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