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[AVI] Wonder Girls – Now (dance version) MV April 11, 2009

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all credits goes to kimyoobin.wordpress.com ^_^ i can’t wait to watch this in TP/TS file! hope the tp one  will be released soon ^_^

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


credits: kimyoobin.wordpress.com


9 Responses to “[AVI] Wonder Girls – Now (dance version) MV”

  1. lachiastig Says:

    thank you!!!

  2. kori_ya Says:

    thank you so much! ^^

  3. quinqui Says:

    Thanks for sharing! I love this version more than the original, because that it’s the same from Fin.K.L. original song xP

  4. afterminkyschool Says:

    thanksssss a lot

  5. -lee- Says:

    i love the dance version, the girls are hot! haha
    thank you! 🙂

  6. kat Says:

    thanks alot!!!!

  7. U.Bin Says:

    I think this wont release in TS as its more like a fan-special version which will be found online only ~
    as its Wonder Girls we can never know what will happen ~haha 😀
    as they are so famous maybe TV will show it up but I think not..

    all the dance versions which I know were never released in tp /ts cause you could only find them on official fanpages online : d

    have this video already but yeah its nice to see a dance version for WG also ❤

  8. mO-sO Says:

    thank you so so so so much *-* hot like wonder girls*0*

  9. CT Says:

    Oh wow thank you so very much!!! ^____^
    The girls look so gorgeous…seriously, wow!!
    Especially Sohee!!

    Once again thank you so much!! =D

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