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[news] Wonder Girls – Now MV (Dance version) to be in public on April 9 April 6, 2009

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i read this on wonderholic….yay! hehe there will be a dance version! oh and on April 9 the mp3 for the Song of Chun G that will feature Yoobin will be out then too….just hoping they won’t push the release date again -_-;


oh and i won’t be home on April 9…so i guess i will upload it a little bit late…well since it’s vacation my family will be going out on a 3-day vacation starting on April 9-11….i am just hoping that the WiFi in that place is working ^_^ and free too so i will be able to update this blog even when i’m away hahah ^_^

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here is the original news

네티즌들은 “섹시하면서도 깜찍한 매력이 시선을 압도한다”, “레이저빔을 빠져나가는 날렵한 동작이 영화 엔트랩먼트의 여주인공을 연상시킨다”, “유빈의 랩이 인상적이다” 등의 의견들을 올렸다. 이와 함께 핑클의 오리지널 ‘나우’에 대한 관심 또한 덩달아 높아지고 있는 상황이다.

‘나우’ 뮤직비디오 리메이크를 기획한 EVER 역시 “별다른 홍보 활동을 하지 않았는데 공개 전부터 촬영장 사진이 인기 검색 순위에 오르는 등 뜨거운 관심이 이어져 놀랐다”며 “섹시 스파이로 분한 원더걸스의 이미지가 EVER의 신제품인 엑스슬림폰의 깔끔하고 세련된 이미지에 꼭 들어맞는다”며 만족감을 드러냈다.

오는 9일에는 EVER 홈페이지를 통해 원더걸스 특유의 비트와 안무를 살린 ‘나우 뮤직비디오 댄스버전’이 공개될 예정이어서 네티즌의 기대를 한껏 고조시키고 있다

credits: wonderhholic

it basically said that people on the net have different reactions towards their music video…and it has been toping search sites too…so they decided to update their homepage with the dance version of WG’s Now MV on the 9th of April


4 Responses to “[news] Wonder Girls – Now MV (Dance version) to be in public on April 9”

  1. GiGi Says:

    Everyone seems to have a dance version of their songs nowadays. Have fun on your vacation!

  2. noV Says:

    great news… looking forward for the dance version of the song…

  3. Lagean27 Says:

    thanks for the info
    we’ll be wait for further updates
    and for your video upload.
    thanks and have a wonderful
    holyweek to you and to your family

  4. wgholic Says:

    haha can’t wait
    and i was hoping there would be a dance version 🙂

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