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[news] 04-06-09 Jo Kwon, “SoHee is the nearest to my ideal type of girl”, April 6, 2009

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i totally agree with Jo Kwon hehe if i was a guy i will definitely love sohee ^_^…but i thought jo kwon was going to say sunye…haha 2AM’s songs is like Jo Kwon’s one-sided love for Sunye hahaha! don’t you agree? first was “This Song” & now “A Friend’s Confession”?sounds fishy? haha

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2AM Jo Kwon has revealed that WonderGirls member SoHee is near to his ideal type of girl.

Jo Kwon was on KBS Cool FM Maybee’s show when he revealed, “WonderGirls SoHee is the closest to the ideal type of girl for me.”

He was posed the question ‘Of the 5 members in WonderGirls who is the nearest to your ideal type of girl and what about her do you like the most?’. Jo Kwon said, “I like SoHee’s chic feel the most.”

“Even though she likes to wear the indifferent expression on her face normally, she is actually very chic, and unique and playful which makes her really cute.”

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5 Responses to “[news] 04-06-09 Jo Kwon, “SoHee is the nearest to my ideal type of girl”,”

  1. wes Says:

    ahhh soheeeee<3

  2. janzu Says:

    yes.. sohee’s a definitely cutie.. ^^

    and dont to stuff to her.. or else.. 😛

  3. sun.hei Says:

    agree with kwonnie^^
    sohee is a real cutie<3
    thx for the news^-^

  4. CT Says:

    Yes yes there is definately a lot of unique charm about our Sohee. Who wouldn’t love her?!


  5. wgholic Says:

    haha wow kwonnie’s ideal type is so hee??
    haha that’s a surprise, i thought it would be leader..
    but then again who wouldn’t be affected by so hee’s charm right?

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