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[FLV] Wonder Girls – Hot MV Style CF? April 1, 2009

Filed under: cf,videos,Wonder Girls — cutegiurl @ 8:45 pm

as i read and understood it…..this is a CF…and it is a music video style CF ^_^ sorry for posting it just now hehe i have it on repeat for like 50 times! before realizing that i must hsare it hahaha ^_^ Sohee stands out the most! or is it only because i focus on her? haha i can’t help myself focusing on her! haha  she’s just too sexy to resist! ahhhh so pretty! all of them are so hot, sexy & pretty but why do i focus only on Sohee haha sorry for my biasness ^_^


this is only the teaser….i think the full one will be release on April 4…correct me if i’m wrong ^_^

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


credits: wonderholic, naver & cutegiurl


8 Responses to “[FLV] Wonder Girls – Hot MV Style CF?”

  1. wgholic Says:

    omg yoo bin’s rapping is ❤
    i just kept watching this over and over

  2. Sohee Says:

    sohee always stands out with her dancing and her everything! haha shes really too pretty!

  3. _backy_ Says:

    I think Yoobin stands out the most here, cuz she’s in the middle…and SO HOT o_O (I’m a girl, but I can’t deny that Yoobin’s hot..haha)

    btw, am I the only one thinking this might be a MV? cuz it’s too long for being a CF :S

    • cutegiurl Says:

      as i said it will be an MV-styled CF…..not sure though but it looks like it ^_^ and JYPE already said that they don’t have plans YET on releasing a new song as they are now focusing for their US Debut….

  4. sun.hei Says:

    wooow. now that we can actually see a little preview of it it’s even more coolerO.o i mean all the girls look soo totally gorgeous*.* loving yoobin’s rap<3
    i keep repeating it too..xD
    can’t wait for the whole cf..
    thx thx

  5. ic3chubb3 Says:

    I just died looking at this.. cutegiurl, i can fully understand why u just kept repeating this.. ITS SOOO ADDICTING.. OMG..

    Everything is like perfect.. Yoobin’s stylish rap, their sexy dances moves, perfectly styled hair..

    Now i’m dying to watch the actual release ~ ~

    • cutegiurl Says:

      right right! hehe it’s so addicting ^_^ yeah i love their hair ^_^ especially sohee’s with the wavy one that covers one of her eyes! ahhh so sexy ^_^

  6. Giselle Says:

    OMG OMG O_o

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