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[YT] Filipino Prisoners’ Punishment ^_^ March 31, 2009

Filed under: Youtube Clips — cutegiurl @ 5:36 pm

lol…what a cool punishment….haha i keep on laughing while watching this…haha those gays can dance lol..and they have like a hundred of prisoners as their back-up dancers….lol….ahha


credits: byronfgarcia


3 Responses to “[YT] Filipino Prisoners’ Punishment ^_^”

  1. kosheemin Says:

    i was really impressed. those inmates and \’gays\’ have wicked moves…the gays really \’feelin the \’nobody-vibe\’ =)

  2. CT Says:

    Lol very nice!!

  3. krysti Says:

    its cpdrc inmates. they do all different kinds of famous songs from around the world. their first one that i saw was michael jackson’s thriller. it was on US news. i did ask byronfgarcia like 1 year ago to see if cpdrc inmates could dance to WGs “tell me” but i guess he was too busy. i’m happy cpdrc is now dancing to WGs “nobody”. this better be on korean news. more fame go to the Wonder Girls. thank you.

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