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[pic] Sunye BTS pic after Seoul Concert March 31, 2009

i found this at one of my folders….lol…am i right? is this a BTS pic after their Seoul Concert? i hope i am right haha? oh and maybe you guys are guessing why i am not posting any fancams for the Seoul Concert…well i am still finishing uploading the fancams for the Pusan Concert….there are a lot i tell you and my uploading speed is so slow T_T…and there are also soooo many fancams for the Seoul Concert so it will really take a while…anyways i think i should post first the HQ fancams…..ok i will post them first^_^

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

credits: forgot where i got it….T_T


One Response to “[pic] Sunye BTS pic after Seoul Concert”

  1. Leadah Min Says:

    nope, its from Busan concert, there are still no SunYe’s pic from backstage at Seoul out….

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