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[pic] The cutest person in the world! March 29, 2009

OMG! this pic is the cutest fan taken pic ever of Sohee!!!! i love the one who took this pic! omg! she looks soooooo adorable!!!!!! sooooooo lovable!!!!!!!sooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!! ahhh i really love her overall look! her expression! her straight hair!her beanie! her plaided skirt! her oversize t-shirt! her high knee socks!and most especially yellow really looks good on her!!! ahhhh! love this pic! love her! lol i made this my wallpaper now for my laptop  hahaha ^_^


click on it for full size ^_^

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

credits: daum & cutegiurl


9 Responses to “[pic] The cutest person in the world!”

  1. ec Says:

    yeah its cute.. but i dont think its natural.. just an opinion

  2. Toey Says:

    she is really cute !

  3. U.Bin Says:

    mhh I saw more cute fantaken ones already but okay ~ everyone likes other pics the most I guess : P

    but yeah this pic is also pretty cute ^^

  4. krysti Says:

    she is one loving girl. she’s too cute for words. i love her too. thank you.

  5. lovesunye Says:

    Sohee-ah looks a barbie doll….she looks pretty..

  6. ic3chubb3 Says:

    LOL!!! Our cutegiurl is madly in love ~ ~

    ^.^ Sohee is indeed too adorable for words ~ ~

  7. Sohee Says:

    shes really too cute for words(:

  8. wgholic Says:

    yes the beanie !!!!
    hahaha she is the cutest person on earth 🙂
    and yellow does suits her ❤

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