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[blog-news] HQWG? Great News? March 28, 2009

Filed under: blog news — cutegiurl @ 4:13 pm

first and foremost….The 1s Wonder Concert in Seoul is today! wohhoooo! all Wonderfuls that will be attending, please show your full support to WG and don’t forget to share fancams & pics!

Second,…Happy birthday to Sohee(chabu328@yahoo.com) not of Wonder Girls ok….

third…..it’s vacation time for me! wohoo! classes had ended but of course it will resume after two months ^_^ but until then….i have a lot of free time!!!!! wohhoooO!!!

anyways this is my great news to all of you…i hope it will be great to you guys though haha ^_^ anyways i am opening up another blog but this time in livejournal….

it’s address is



i think base on the name, you guys already have an idea on what will be the content of that blog….yes! you guys are thinking the right thing! lol….it will contain purely HQ videos and FLV videos will be BANNED in it! lol….haha yeah no more FLV files….and i will share TP,TS,AVI,MKV & other HQ file formats in that blog ^_^


for those who know HQBB and those who are wondering….yeah i kinda copy the idea of HQBB…hehe…i just think that i must also create a bog full of HQ goodies of WG….


oh and all videos that i will be posting have to be really really HQ some of it may be normal HQ or what haha but anyways…


you guys don’t have to be my friend in order to view my posts ^_^


oh and i won’t i won’t stop updating this blog…Wonder Equation will always be my first priority and HQWG will only be 2nd ^_^


i will be posting HQ videos of their Music Videos & Performances ^_^


oh and sorry to say….No Requests! i will only post what i want ^_^


17 Responses to “[blog-news] HQWG? Great News?”

  1. Vicky Says:

    I’m glad there’s a WG version to HQBB too.

  2. xsaku12ax3(Danimal) Says:

    woo i havent been on cutegiurl actually reading everything in a long time, all caught up now and OMAGOS thanks for your new blog haha :”D it has old MV’s that i lost D: . Love your super picture batches of WG,
    please and thankyou! doing so much for so little

  3. GiGi Says:

    Aww, I tried to comment but the site’s still LJ member locked.

  4. GiGi Says:

    Awesome possum, thanks for getting rid of the friends-lock!

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