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[pic+mp3] MiSo – Sweet Dream on a radio March 27, 2009

Filed under: Audio,MiSo,Pictures,So Hee,Sun Mi,Wonder Girls — cutegiurl @ 10:25 am

this is so cute! sohee’s voice really fits this kind of songs! hehehe so cute! and most epecially MiSo is singing it together! wahhHH!…thanks to all the wonderer who said the song tite ^_^

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


crdits: wondergirlsthailand & cutegiurl


13 Responses to “[pic+mp3] MiSo – Sweet Dream on a radio”

  1. tarro Says:

    awesome!! ive heard this song so many times but i cant remember who its from though.

  2. ic3chubb3 Says:

    Thanks for sharing this!! Its so precious ~ ~ I have not seen it anywhere else ~ ~


  3. wgholic Says:

    oh thank you 🙂
    kyaa~ misoo ❤

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