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[NEWS] GOD’s Park Jun-hyung & Yoobin’s parents, on upcoming epsiode of wonderland March 27, 2009

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^ Yoo Bin’s Dad: “Annyeong hasaeyo!”


[Song Yun Sae @ Newsen]

Wonder Girls United States performance got a surprise visit from G.O.D’s Park Jun-hyung, to cheer the Wonder Girls on, & of course, Park Jin Young.

On the 27th, the broadcast of Mnet’s “Welcome To Wonderland” will show you the successful concert that was put up by the Wonder Girls in the United States, which has caught many’s attention.

Park Jun-hyung was recently in the states after his shooting for his latest film, Dragonball Evolution, was surprised to see the Wonder Girls were performing here. After a long time, he is able to meet up with Park Jin Young and he jokingly added “the acronyms of Wonder Girls (which is W.G) should be read as “Wonder GOD”?”

On the other hand, Yoo Bin’s parents were present at the concert to show their support & to give their fullest strength to the performers. Yoo Bin is happy & pleased to see her parents coming, as it symbolises a reunion for her after a long time.

In particular, being a star’s mom, Yoo Bin’s mother has an incredible sense of fashion. And oftenly, her mom was mistaken for her sister, due to the dressing up. After this episode’s broadcast, a topic is expected to be talked about.

The brilliant performances & eye catching faces of the Wonder Girls will be aired 27th on Mnet cable channel.

[Translation: kimyoobin.wordpress.com]

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One Response to “[NEWS] GOD’s Park Jun-hyung & Yoobin’s parents, on upcoming epsiode of wonderland”

  1. wgholic Says:

    is the woman in the third picture binnie’s mum??

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