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[info] Wonder Girls’ Message to all fans during the Pusan Concert March 27, 2009

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Below are the Wonder Girls’ messages to their fans at the end of the Busan concert. SunMi, SunYe, and YeEun were apparently bawling in tears at that point. SARANGHAEYO, WONDER GIRLS!!


Everyone… We ran hard for two years to come here like this… oh… really… If all of you were not here, then I really think we would not be anything. Always beside us giving us strength like this. We will become the Wonder Girls who have gone farther and bigger. Please!! Please support us!! (Lowers head and cries)


Yes… Thank you for coming here like this everyone. We prepared like this, but I do not know if we did well. Today this night… this performance… I wish that this performance is one you cannot forget. Thank you. (Bows)


Yes… Everyone… Ah… Really these two years… I did not know we could come this far like this… That we really could stand at this place. Like today… Like that this many people came like this… to give support us and… (Audience chants: “Don’t cry! Don’t cry!”) You are always giving us support and always giving us love… I think that is why we can stand on this stage like this. Everyone, in the future too, you will be like this with us right? (Audience: “Yes!!”) Thank you. (Cries hard)


Yes… It seems like a really long time since we have performed in Korea, doesn’t it? But then truthfully, we were supposed to have done a concert in Korea first. Due to a bunch of schedules, we performed in foreign countries first and decorated Korea last like this. Really… I do not know how much all of you have waited for today. (Audience screams. YeEun cries for a bit.) Yes… We… Oh… Yes… Oh… I can’t think of the words I want to say… First, thank you so much for coming. We… the thing we promise to you is that in the future we will really work harder, so that not a single person here will never ever regret their loving hearts. We will repay you with more wonderful music. Thank you. I love you. (Cries a lot)


Oh… it’s my turn to speak… what do I do?? The members before me have completely said everything. (Her dialect starts coming out as she gets more emotional.) Ah~!! Really… they said everything in front of me… I really *#&*$&@*!! (Jokingly pretends to get mad.) Everyone~~ Thank you so very very much for coming. We really really enjoyed it. I hope that everyone too had an enjoyable time. And… oh… in the future we… oh… will show a more developed image, more cool image, more larger image. Everyone please keep watching over us. If you give us strength, we can work even harder so we can come back with a more perfected image. Thank you everyone. We… oh… Shall we end with some exciting fun?? (Audience: YES~!!) (In Korean) Let’s go!! (n English) Let’s go!!


credit to 오직WG @ Daum (original transcript + photo) + Kay @ wgjjang.wordpress.com (translation)



2 Responses to “[info] Wonder Girls’ Message to all fans during the Pusan Concert”

  1. wgholic Says:

    the all so sweet and loving <33

  2. mamine Says:

    thanks for sharing,
    their msg. to the fans are very touchy!!

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