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[YT] 03-25-09 Min SunYe – English Class @ DongGuk University March 26, 2009

Filed under: fancams,Sun Ye,Wonder Girls,Youtube Clips — cutegiurl @ 9:04 am

this was during her class……i feel so sad for her…..can’t these people give her some privacy? she’s studying! WTF! i bet her classmates can’t concentrate well….T_T poor sunye…she just wants an ordinary university life so please give it to her!



credits: BrightenSunye


5 Responses to “[YT] 03-25-09 Min SunYe – English Class @ DongGuk University”

  1. Mon Says:

    😦 sun ye fighting!

  2. _backy_ Says:

    Holy dayum.

    I feel sorry for her classmates who want to study… and of course for Sunye 😦 Hope she doesn’t feel like being a burden for them…

  3. manatie Says:

    que gente, no respetan nada DX

  4. wgholic Says:

    the people in her class must have felt irritated as well…
    poor sunye :((

  5. jan-wesley Says:

    i wonder how the person next to her feels

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