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[pics+rar] 03-21-09 Wonder Girls – The 1st Wonder Concert in Pusan, Korea March 22, 2009

oh i just wanna say that i have found out that there is a DVD of Wonder Girls’ 1st Wonder Concert in Thailand…it is being illegally distributed….i mean….JYP didn’t OFFICIALLY release a DVD for it but it IS being released in Thailand….in the black market…you know, the pirated DVDs and all….even though they are not legal i am so envious of people in Thailand! argh! i knew about this when i came across a video of 1 of the performances of their concert and saw in the title (DVD quality)…argh even though it’s illegal i want to donwload it badly…but then again let us not support this kind of thing….it’s illegal -_-; please refrain from buying this DVD (if you have a copy please send me a download link for the full dvd haha LMAO)


To all the persons i have given the link through email…please do not send or forward that particular email to anyone…please do not upload the link or videos to ANY streaming sites, blogs, forums….In short please DO not post it anywhere in the internet! just keep it for yourself for your own pleasure!…i already do you guys a favor so please also do me a favor….please….just please do not…

anyways WG is back in Korea & they held their first concert in Korea on 03-21-09 in Pusan….eheh ^_^

here are some sample pics ^_^

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


credits: wonderholic, etbbong & cutegiurl


50 Responses to “[pics+rar] 03-21-09 Wonder Girls – The 1st Wonder Concert in Pusan, Korea”

  1. Ely Says:

    hello. i am a great fan of the girls too..
    and would so love to have the torrent pls..
    will not spread it..

  2. boku90 Says:

    aahhh! Send me the torrent please!!! i must see this concert in its entirety
    I cant wait til JYP HOEPFULYL releases an offical DVD ..i will most def. buy it!
    You can see my email yes?
    thanks in advance ^^

  3. i really like wonder girls :) Says:

    hey cutegiurl, you’re a really big fan eh??

    hahah i did watch the concert…but then i got to there late so i ended up at the back ….and my tickets were the most expensive ones too !! T^T

    i mean…it is not a copy of the official dvd…
    and i really wanna watch it again………

    cuz before the concert..i only knew tell me, so hot, nobody and irony…..but now i’m a true fan..i’ve bought the magazines downloaded photos…….

    and if i rewatch the concert, i can truly enjoy it!!!

    like yeah…if there’s an official dvd coming out, and ppl are buyin the pirated ones..then it’s a different story..
    but this isn’t pirated..it’s just……bsaically a fancam..
    well imma go eat dinner!! CHEERS!!! =)

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