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[fancams] 03-21-09 The 1st Wonder Concert in Pusan, Korea fancams March 22, 2009

ok this post will include ALL the fancams that i will find regarding their concert in Pusan ^_^ so far i have collected 21 fancams which i have yet to upload …i will just provide you guys the link to the shared folder…so just check the link to the shared folder every now and then as i will be uploading it there ^_^

 here is a MiSo moment that i caught in one of the fancams….specifically in the Nobody Remix fancam at 1:32

it is so cute! i kept on repeating this moment over and over agin!

first Sohee sees Sunmi then she slightly pushed her jokingly hehe then Sunye saw it and laughed and Sohee laughed too and she was like jumping up & down towards Sunmi while laughing,,,Sunmi was surprised by her Mandoo’s showing of affections in public(lol i made this part up) so she hugged her to show her love for Mandoo ^_^ (totally made that reason up…haha) haha Sunmi can’t resist Sohee’s aegyo(cuteness) haha me either!


there is also a part in the same fancam where Sohee like sit in front of her fans haha so cute & dorkie….i have posted a pic of that moment in one of my posts ^_^

 Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

here are some thumbnails of some of the fancams that i will be uploading ^_^

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Mediafire (shared folder)

credits: freeegg, daum , wonderholic, etbbong & cutegiurl


10 Responses to “[fancams] 03-21-09 The 1st Wonder Concert in Pusan, Korea fancams”

  1. ic3chubb3 Says:

    I LOVE MISO!!!!!!!!! And i love how u love them just like i do.. ^^

    Thanks fr taking the time to do this for us despite being busy with your finals ~ ~


  2. airajasmine Says:

    thanks for all the fancam 🙂

    question do u have the etbbong videos at WG Concert (Busan)?

  3. Khayn Says:

    I saw this MISo fancam and it’s hilarious!

    Thank you for sharing all these fancams!

  4. min_jok Says:

    Thanks so much! ^^
    You’re really wonderful!!!!

  5. eve_wu Says:

    thank you so much for uploading and put in the share folder…
    really wonderfull you are…LOL
    and so easy user your blog…
    i like the organized blog…like yours…
    cutegiurl fighting.!!!!

  6. rrusch Says:

    thank you for compiling those videos in one place!

  7. SunyeJiang Says:

    thank you so much

  8. Dreamscat Says:

    Thank You So Much!!!
    This is so Coool !!! 😀

  9. Giselle Says:

    Thank you!! Thank you!!

    I’m very happy to see our girls smile and laugh like this. ^^

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