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[news] JYP takes action towards Khmer’s ” Nobody “ March 15, 2009

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i’m happy that JYP is taking action regarding this….i was really unhappy when i watched this on youtube….

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” JYP takes action towards Khmer ”

Oh the wrath of Donkey Kong. It was announced today that JYP is finally taking action on copycats of 08’s hit “Nobody”. He had been closing an eye to “parodies” around Asia but with an official recording of the song in Khmer girl group RHM’s “Vol. 376″ – topped off with MV incorporating both “Tell Me” and “Nobody” choreography no less – , Donkey Kong pounds his chest in protest.

Representatives of the Wonder Girls outside of South Korea, Sony BMG, will be in charge of investigations and court case procedures if there’s the need for them. JYP reiterated his decision on March 12th, of putting his foot down due to the Wonder Girls’ recent expansion overseas and the fear that copycats will affect future activities in Asia. But if I were him I’d fear nothing. It would’ve been less of a joke if this was actually a parody.




2 Responses to “[news] JYP takes action towards Khmer’s ” Nobody “”

  1. _backy_ Says:


    AGREED. I was like wtf !!!!!!

    But then again, there are some racists people out there who abuses of this situation. As much as there is no excuse for such a lame copycat, there is still no excuse for racists comments (I’m especially talking of those on youtube…). Sigh…what is the world coming to =(

  2. GiGi Says:

    When I first heard of this MV, I thought they just sampled the dance or something. Maybe they thought they could get away with it if they did tiny bits of Nobody and Tell me. But c’mon, you took the background music, most of the lyrics, the dance, the dresses, even the word Nobody in the beginning (which was spelt No Body for some reason). That is blatent copyright infringement.

    And the sad thing is that they didn’t do this because they thought they could get away with it. They did this so that the video would be viewed by everyone. And it worked right? We saw it in order to critique it.

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