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[pics] 03-11-09 Wonder Girls on MTV Show March 11, 2009

i hope they will broadcast this!!!!! ^_^ they are so pretty ^_^

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

credits: etbbong & cutegiurl


9 Responses to “[pics] 03-11-09 Wonder Girls on MTV Show”

  1. epikxlove Says:

    They’re debuting in May ^^
    SO they’ll be back 😀
    and This is being broadcasted. At the NYC concert, I they were giving out poster like fliers that had their picture and information about the event. It said that it would be shown on the huge screen in times square and be televised! If you want, I can scan or take a picture of the flier for you 🙂 I’ll send it in with the pictures from the NYC tour that I promised~

  2. jan-wesley Says:

    man im in new jersey… i wanted to go so bad.

    this is bs.

    everyone there is so lucky…. when are they coming back?

  3. Phan Nguyễn Ái Kha Says:


  4. oscar Says:

    wat time did it end? cuz i was there but then before they let us in, i had to leave to go back to toronto. i was just wondering it started and ended.

  5. thao Says:

    thanks for the pics

  6. sun.hei Says:

    the girls look fabulus^^
    and ok i know that yoobin was always that dark skinned girl but in the last pics she looks mooore darker than she is..maybe just bcuz of the lights..lol.
    yeah i hope that they’ll broadcast this too..but im sure they will if it’s a MTV show..;) hehe..
    thx thx

  7. Dreamscat Says:

    forgot to say “Thank you” hehehe 😛

  8. Dreamscat Says:

    WoW!!! I love YeEun’s hair style 😀

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