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[YT] 03-06-09 JYP Tour in Orange County March 8, 2009

here are some streaming videos ^_^





Nobody[Rainstone Remix]

JYP & Sunye Duet


credits: youtube & WGCN


4 Responses to “[YT] 03-06-09 JYP Tour in Orange County”

  1. Kari Says:

    I was at this concert, and I think all of the seats were filled.
    Bought me some souvenirs for the trip back to Texas (skipped school to fly to Cali, lol.)

  2. GiGi Says:

    Eh, Toronto, good idea. *winkwink*
    I’m glad they used their Korean names! 😀

  3. wowzer Says:

    i was at the concert last night and it actually wasn’t a full house 😦 there were some empty seats here and there but the show was still AMAZING.

  4. Mon Says:

    Im so glad it was a full house (yes?)

    i hope they come to Toronto too!!

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