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[info] 03-07-09 Top 25 Women Artist in Korea March 8, 2009

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woohooo!!! Ye eun is Top 6!!! in my opinion Ye eun should have been the Top 1!!!! her vocals are amazing! she always gives me goosebumps when singing ^_^ i don’t really like Boa’s voice…it’s too high pitch for me…lol..i only like some of her songs ^_^ but anyways Sunmi & Sunye are on the list too!!! it’s kinda suprising for Sunmi to be higher than Sunye…but then again i really love Sunmi’s singing voice too ^_^ it’s kinda low & husky and i love it ^_^


Dana, Tae Yeon, Bae Seul Gi & Seo Hyun are on the list too!!! my other favorite female singers!!! wohooO! i miss Dana & Seul i so much T_T i really hope they have new songs already T_T and also another JYP artist made it on the list ^_^ and it’s Joo ^_^

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Wonder Girls was nominated as one of the top 25 Women Artist in Korea based on their vocal ability.
Three of the members received a ranking respectively.

1. Boa
2. Ivy
3. Dana
4. Jang Ri in
5. Jang Nara
6 Park Yeeun
7. Lee Hyori
8. Park jungah
9. Solbi
10. Stephanie
11. Kim Taeyeon
12. Lee JungMin
13. Sunmi
14. Jessica
15. Bae seulgi
16. Nam Kyuri
17. Park bom
18. Bada
19. Min sunye
20. Seunghyun
21. Lina

news credits : iheartwg (wg thailand) for the list.


8 Responses to “[info] 03-07-09 Top 25 Women Artist in Korea”

  1. peanutz Says:

    @Mon : are you freaking kidding me ? BoA can sing. But she shouldn’t be no 1 tho 😡

  2. _dee Says:

    Sun Mi, Hwaiting! .<)

  3. wgholic Says:

    park ye eun should be no. 1!!!

  4. tarro Says:

    is it really fan made? well i think it is, ivy… whens the last time she performed?, i dont think can beat many of the ppl below her.

    But Yeh WG’s, BSK, and ParkBom, love em

  5. Mon Says:

    WG fighting!!! I think boa is good at dancing but not singing though…

  6. WgIsLuV Says:

    WOW, im very proud of ye eun 😀
    she deserves it.
    and im surprised too that sun mi is higher than sunye. OH WELLZ, at least they are on the list 🙂

  7. viethuong Says:

    thanks for posting it ^^, but i heard from one Thai wfs that the list is totally by fan-make.

  8. wow.... Says:

    as much as i love them…this was actually fanmade… i mean, boa?? lee hyori??? got to be kidding me….lina from CSJH have an amazing vocal range! and the girls from davichi too…so yeah…its fanmade…

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