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[YT] 03-05-09 JYP Tour – Wonder Girls at Wiltern Theatre, LA March 7, 2009

here are the youtube clips ^_^

credits: wonderholic & youtube


5 Responses to “[YT] 03-05-09 JYP Tour – Wonder Girls at Wiltern Theatre, LA”

  1. BeautySunye Says:

    thanks…i havent watched their La concert..i just finished their thailand concert…

  2. U.Bin Says:

    OMG they performed Headache … o,O
    I still think if I should go to the korean concert .. arg … tickets sold out for sure already … whats a shame

    lol ~

    this fancam is great ~ WG ❤
    btw. are they still in US in april (I mean again?)
    I planned to visit Concert in march cause I would go to US cause of …private thing but now it changed one month later and I am so so angry about it lol
    in April I could visit any concerts == but not march
    whatever XD ~~
    guess WG will be so famous soon then maybe they come to europe .. in 2010 (lol)

  3. Le0n Says:

    why….?? why i can’t be there…. T_T

  4. sun.hei Says:

    woow already a lot of fancams*.*
    all the performances was awesome!^^ too bad that i can’t go..><
    thx thx

  5. Coutura Says:

    WOAH! I haven’t watched all the fancams yet, but it looks like such a blast! Thanks so much again (X a bajillion) for sharing!

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