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[news+rar+mp3] 03-03-09 Wonder Girls & JYP L.A. Press Conference March 5, 2009

click the pic for full version and also i have posted the rar file and this pic is one of them ^_^ there are a lot of pics in the rar ^_^ and also they have an interview and it’s in mp3 ^_^ download it if you want to know more news about them ^_^ this is where i knew that they will release an English version of Nobody…but it is mostly in korean and only JYP was speaking in English ^_^ Ye eun, Sohee & Sunye also talked in this interview ^_^

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@ http://www.allkpop.com/index.php/full_stor…rence_coverage/

JYP and the Wonder Girls held a press conference on March 3rd at 2 PM at the Americana at Brand in Glendale, California for the local media.

The girls were brought on stage and they looked absolutely stunning in their matching white sequin dresses! JYP even pulled out the chairs and helped the girls get seated and situated before the conference started.

JYP opened with a short statement of thanks to the sponsors and the venue. He said it was really exciting to be launching the three city concerts here in the US. This is their second US tour and this time it’s a little different because the girls are an equal part of the concert, whereas before they were guests on the JYP Tour.

SunYe said that she was very glad to be here, happy with the finish of the Thailand performance and looking forward to their three US performances. They all worked especially hard to prepare for the US tour and this will lead the way into their eventual entrance into the American market.

It was asked if they planned on performing some of the previous songs such as Tell Me and Nobody in English for the US concerts. JYP said yes, in fact at the concert, it’ll be the first time they’re singing the English version of Nobody and that they were planning to launch the English versions of their songs in the very near future. He also hopes to eventually enter into world tours wherever there are Wonder Girl fans.

When asked about their visits to LA, JYP said, “To me LA, since I’m a workaholic, it’s a city of television and film. So when I come to LA all I can think of is Nickelodeon, Disney, ABC Family.” Yoobin said that when she comes to LA, first they like to go shopping because the weather is just perfect here all the time. And also because she was from San Jose, she holds a special place in her heart for California.

JYP showed his humorous side when he mentioned he likes visiting the LA clubs to experience the nightlife. We all laughed when he joked that he was only “slightly” over 21 and he loved going to the clubs.

JYP says that the reason why he believes the WG can be successful here in the US is based on the offers he is getting and not on his own instinct. He finds it surprising and encouraging that major American television and record companies approach him, not because he approached them but because they found out about the girls.

On why the girls were so special, JYP said, “they are so pretty and five pretty girls can always be successful anywhere and then I think it’s their singing and dancing. If you think they’re just a cute face, then you’ll be really surprised when you come to the show. For example, the leader, Sun, was trained over 6 years in the academy just singing, acting dancing and the other four ladies, didn’t just debut. They have had multi-year training of acting, singing and dancing so it’s the substance behind that perception that really makes people believe they can cross over, at least that’s what I think.

The JYP Tour 2009 Press Conference was sponsored by Asiana Airlines, Hyundai, and The Americana at Brand in Glendale, Ca. The event was presented by Powerhouse, Mnet Media and JYP Entertainment.

credits: allkpop

Mediafire (pics in rar)

credits: allkpop

Mediafire (interview in mp3)

credits: etbbong & cutegiurl


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