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[pics] New pics for Crown Bakery ^_^ March 4, 2009

Filed under: Crown Bakery,Pictures,Sun Mi,Wonder Girls — cutegiurl @ 7:49 pm

i love their pics from Crown Bakery ^_^

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

credits: WGCN, crown bakery & cutegiurl


7 Responses to “[pics] New pics for Crown Bakery ^_^”

  1. thao Says:

    WAa thanks they are so beautiful!^^

  2. U.Bin Says:

    I ate one cake at crown bakery ~ it was soo soo pretty and not expensive : )
    Baskin Robbins (Big Bang promotion) was like double price of crown bakery cakes ==
    so tasty : >
    I will definetely buy again cake in there : d ~

    btw. pretty new pictures but I dont like the orange color alot : <
    I liked the before-pictures for CB alot : D

  3. ic3chub3 Says:

    Oh noo.. It sounds like u’re gonna be as busy as our girls.. Anyway a BIG THANKS for giving us these fast updates despite ur packed schedule!!

    I cant wait until our girls’ documentary comes on this fri ~ ~


    • cutegiurl Says:

      yeah….school is making me exhausted…and i get moody when i’m exhausted….but i still find time to update my blog no matter what! hahah ^_^ yeah no matter what!

  4. wgholic Says:

    haha all of them look soo feminine ❤

  5. ic3chub3 Says:

    Wow your updates are really fast recently ~ ~ Are your exams over already??

    Sunmi looks so good in her solo picture.. Hopefully the girls will have fun in LA !!!

    • cutegiurl Says:

      exams are not over…my finals will be like next next next week? our documentations for our case study are almost finished so i don’t have anything to do except for assignments but our defense will be next week or next next week…i will be busy again till then….

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