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[info] WG’s stay from 02-26-09 up to 02-28-09 in Thailand March 4, 2009

this is from someone in thailand….it’s heartbreaking to read and know that Sunye was very sick…..poor girl…..please get well sooN! don’t overwork yourself girl!

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26/02 : this is the day that the girls arrived in thailand. at first I was confuse, as they arrived around 2pm but they get out of the airplane and get out of airport directly by car. So welcoming them at airport is impossible. The I decided to go to wait for them at the hotel. They arrived at 3pm. Sunye is the first to get out of the car. She didn’t smile and looked really tired. then follow by Yoobin, Sohee, Sunmi and Yeeun. as they were walking up the escalator, we, the Wonderful are chanting for them but just Yeeun waving back at us.
27/02 : Today the girls have their press conf. at Siam discovery. there’s a news leaked from the staff (which infact is my brother’s friend, haha) that Sunye had a very bad fever last night (she was sick before coming to thailand) Their manager had to come and ask for medicine for her around 3-4 am. but seems like the pills didn’t help so much. My brother’s friend told me that they didn’t take her to hospital because korean people normally don’t go to see docter in foriegner’s country. so all they can do for now is to gave her pills. they have press conf. around 6pm so I go and wait for them at the hotel around 3pm. so that i can follow them to the press conf. which is not far away. At the conf. 2PM is up.
oh Jaebeom show his abs too, haha. then it’s JYP’s turn to talk about the detail of the concert and he even dance Nobody!! And then it’s the time we’re waiting for!!! The girls come up with SUPER GORGEOUS white dress.they are so so so so pretty! Five of them answer to the press. Sunye answer is extremely long that the interpreter couldn’t remember all of it and ask her again, haha. I can’t believe she is sick. after the conf. they go to the press room to gave more interview. About 9pm the came to the restaurant, which 2PM had already ate. The staff told me that Sunye can have just a few spoon of boiled rice. He was watching closely(He’s a Sunye fanboy) he said that could even count how many spoons she taked.
 5am. then come back and rest for 5 hours and go out agin to rehearsing at 11am. Sunye always wear sunglass and was the on-ly on-e to have 2-3 staff by her side. My brther’s friends told me that near the end of the rehearsal suddenly there was a sudden stop. when he turn around Sunye was gasping for breath at the middle of the stage. other members was standing there with her. The manager and staff rushed to her side. they said Sunye was having a very bad fever, her temperature was high, heavily sweat and can’t breath. So they decide to take her to rest and let the other members rehearsed
I’ve been waiting for this day for 2 years but why did i feel like i didn’t get all I wanted from WG. I could have been better. I was close to the stage and saw everything cleary. When it’s time for Sunye to solo. they lift her up so high and on the way up she didn’t hold on to anything. I was worried. when the solo is nearly over the lift was jerked. I saw Sunye’s panic, she quickly grab the handle. At the very first of the concert there was a pack of fast songs.


 I think i can feel that Sunye is mostly fainted. Her face was white, sweat all over her body, when she sang her voice was shaking and the high note is like taking her breathe away. Iheart was broken. How many singers got to take pills during the concert. Her condition is really bad. T-T After the concert I head to their hotel.cause my friends said that at the hotel there was a thank you party. ofcourse I can’t get in. But luckily there was a room for me to sneak my peak in. I waited until 10-11pm then I saw Sunmi and Yeeun walking down to the party followed by Sunye and Yoobin.Oh, Sunye was supporting Yoobin cause she was a little sick too. She just comedown to make an excuse. When Yoobin was heading back Sohee walked down. But go back again. So at the party there was on-ly Sunye Sunmi and Yeeun. Time pasted and people start to head back home. Then I saw Sunye Sunmi and Yeeun walking up to their room around 4am. EunSun look fine but Sunye was leaning and escorted by staff. Her face was so pale. She can’t make excuse like Yoobin cause she is the LEADER. and if she go hen Sunmi and Yeeun will go too. Then there will be no WG in the party,which will look bad.
01/03 : This is my last day to follow WG so I decided to go early cause I don ‘t want to miss anything. I arrived at the hotel around 6.30. No Wonderful was there. I stand with my brother’s friend and he told me that when the 3 girls was heading up to their room.Sunye fainted while getting out of the elevator.The staff needed to carry her to her room. they said that her fever is still high. the pill didn’t help. He want the fans to understand Sunye. Since this time she mostly didn’t smile a lot, didn’t greet the fans and mostly didn’t look at the fans cause she don’t want the fans to notice her condition. Some lucky fan that got the chance to touch her hand will the heat from her. Even when you stand next to her you can feel it. her face was pale and swollen. Now other member didn’t wake up but she did. She was the on-ly on-e to send JYP at the airport.


I can’t understand this , why Sunye who was sick needed to go. In the afternoon I saw Yoobin and Yeeun coming down for meal. Yoobin looks better but still pale. Both of them had no make up.Then Sunmi follow them. I didn’t know when Sohee come. The time I saw her was when she was heading back with Yoobin. Then EunSun headed back. nullly Sunye didn’t come down. They said she was fainted again after sent JYP. They needed to bring her meal to her room and she vomit too. She was really sick. If I didn’t have my brother’s friend as news source I wouldn’t had known all this. Cuz when on stage she seems so active.Because she is the LEADER she’ll work harder than everyone else. No matter what she have to be there(T-T). At6pm the girls was coming down again. Yoobin and Sohee went to shopping. EunSun headind some where. Sunye go to take a massage with the trainer. when she was walking down the stair the fans chanted a lot but she just head for the van. tried not to lift her face up but I can see her EXTREAMLY pale face. If I don’t know the reason for all this I would have been upset like the other fans. But I know it so I understand. The staff said she went for massage since she can’t go to doctor. I followed her to the massage center. I arrived first and get to see her getting off the van. She was carried by the trainers. It didn’t take long time and she came out carried by trainers again. She joined the members at the restaurant but ate nothing. After the meal she take picture with the sponsor and headed for the airport. they drive directly to the plane so no chance to see her and say goodbye.


I was happy with my 4 days with WG. Yeeun is so friendly and so cute. except fromYeeun the other members looked not in there good condition. Yeeun is the on-e who kept her emotion inside. I was sad that I don’t get to see Sunye smile. She was so sick. I’m so worried. many might think that sunmi is the on-e who get sick the most, which is true. but Sunye sick a lot too with serious condition. She was not healthy since she was a child. She’ll sick if she didn’t get proper rest. The sickness get worst for her. I was dazzled that how can this tiny girl who was sick can act like she’s completely fine. Where did she got that spirit, that power. She smile , She laugh, She talk like she is fine. I feel so pity for her. I glad you go back to Korea now so you can go to see doctor. Take a good care to yourself Min Sunye. Get well soon and I hope to see you again

Credit to Soompi (글쓴 분이신듯…), wonderholic


8 Responses to “[info] WG’s stay from 02-26-09 up to 02-28-09 in Thailand”

  1. hi =] Says:

    Thanks for letting us know what happened. Poor Sun Ye 😦 She works so hard. She makes me want to work hard like her, too =]

  2. xoxo Says:

    Woah, thanks for letting us know about Sunye’s condition. Well, I really hope she’ll really rest well soon. And yes really hope the people at Thailand won’t misunderstand her. She’ll always be my favourite WG member, definitely. SUNYE FIGHTING! ❤

  3. GiGi Says:

    Oh my gosh, this account made me so sad. I really wish Sunye could have got more rest, but she sacrificed her own health for WGs well being. I hope she’s feeling better now.

  4. Mon Says:

    Sun ye fighting….!

  5. rrusch Says:

    thanks for the detailed update on sunye’s health. now i can go crying. this is soooo heartbreaking.

  6. knack Says:


    Wonderful! Help!
    please! Vote for Nobody

    click on purple

    show Power’s WDF!!

    WDF Fighting !!!!

  7. MoLteaser Says:

    I knew Sun Ye was sick from various news sources (Spectacle mainly) but I had no idea the extent to it. This recount just made it even more heartbreaking for me. Sun Ye didn’t look that unwell in the fancams I saw, she sure does know how to put on a strong face for her fans but I wished she didn’t push herself so hard. Why did she even accompany JYP to his flight?! He knew she was sick, he should have just insisted on her to stay at the hotel to sleep. >< . but then again, being Leader Min, she probably insisted she see him off =_=”

    I sincerely hope that she’s a lot better now for the JYP US tour. I’m praying hard that she is well.

  8. 4evermaytrang Says:

    poor Sun Ye, poor WGs
    I dont know what to say
    there are America and the first ever concert in Korea heading towards
    what’ll happen if they still have problems with their sickness?
    oh my poor little sisters
    god please blesses my girls…

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