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[news] Sunye hospitalized?! March 3, 2009

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Everyone knew beforehand that Sunye was sick even before the concert….a Thai fan had said to me that Sunye was rather pale even when they just arrived at the airport in Thailand…and that it’s pretty obvious that she’s sick but she still puts a smile on her face for tha fans….aww…..

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I signed up on Soompi just to share with you all the wonderful impression Min Sunye left on me, I was lucky enough to attend their first ever concert and of course all the girls were amazing but you all really have a special girl leading the Wonder Girls.

I wasn’t a fan but I am now and not because of the performance but because I saw the effort she put in on that stage for every one of us in the audience. She was exhausted and she looked it but the smile on her face never went away. She sang her parts with such energy and passion. Her solo was my favorite performance of the night, dedicated to her late Grand Father I gather. She appeared in a powder blue gown and sang like an angel and I was really scared for her when she was lifted up like that because I saw her gripping for support when they lowered it, I suppose she was feeling faint.

She was given pills by staff during the performance and continued to perform when we were thinking that maybe she would retire. She danced and sang like nothing was wrong but the strain was obvious. She even came out during the encore and smiled and danced but almost fainted and Sohee was by her side.

We hear that at the staff party she fainted and was taken away by Sohee and staff, and now she has been hospitalised in Seoul. We here in Bangkok are extremely worried for her, but she has won many a hearts by her fighting spirit.

Thank you Sunye and we’re all praying for your speedy recovery.

Does anyone know how to send her our well wishes in Korea?

Credit: Esther91 @ Soompi


15 Responses to “[news] Sunye hospitalized?!”

  1. sosoap Says:

    everything that Leader Min done,she always does it best.
    i love everything that she done. I’ll be supporting for her and wonder girls forever.
    I love what Sunye said when Wonder girls got Rookie award “Wonderful Cob Sum Ni Ta”

  2. aww our ANGEL LEADER being sick..='(
    (sohee,this is your chance,remember during the tell me days?she took care of you while you’re ill..and now is the time to pay her back[in a good way])

    Get Well Soon Leader Min..!!!

  3. Sohee Says:

    aw. sohee take care of your leader ohkay?

  4. Josie Says:

    oh and just noticed 2pm in the back lols =x

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