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[news] A member of Wonder Girls to star in 8eight’s new MV March 3, 2009

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There are plans for one of the Wonder Girls member to star in the MV of the title song off group 8eight’s 3rd album.

8eight’s producer have met up with Park Jin Young lately for 8eight’s 3rd album, and Park Jin Young had recommended that one of the Wonder Girls members to be featured in the MV after listening to the song.

Park Jin Young said, “It has been long since I have put a song on repeat for more than 10 times. It is a song that you will not get sick of even if you listen to it for 24 hours.”

8eight’s leader Lee Hyun said, “It is our honor that Park Jin Young likes the title song of our 3rd album. And it is our dream to have Wonder Girls star in our MV.”

Meanwhile, 8eight’s 3rd album ‘The Golden Age’ will be released on the 10th.

Credits: sookyeong


11 Responses to “[news] A member of Wonder Girls to star in 8eight’s new MV”

  1. kpoplover123 Says:

    i think it will be sunmi….since she hasn’t done any collab with anyone yet….. so, SUNMI IS THE ONE!

  2. chyeahxwondergirls Says:

    i wish they could all star in the mv heheh

  3. Coutura Says:

    Yay! They’ll make a great collab ^^ Honestly, my favorite song off 8eight’s first album was Sai ft. Sunye and Ye Eun, so I’m really happy to see 2 awesome groups together again!

  4. ilovesunmiunnie Says:

    i hope it’s sunmi, she never really get featured in other people thing. it might be sohee she usually the one.

  5. GoddessSUNYE Says:

    I want Sunye to be featured….but either of the girls would be fine….

  6. sun.hei Says:

    i hope it will be 4-D girl^^ i really want to see her in this kind of thing…

  7. krysti Says:

    A song that you would listen 24/7? What could it be? And who would be the lucky Wonder Girl to be a part of it? My guess is either Sohee? Sunmi? or Yoobin? They’re the only three out of Wonder Girls who has not collaborate with 8ight yet! Well, Yoobin was in 2pm’s 10 out of 10 MV already.., but there’s a chance she might get the role again for being so hot. I hope JYP picks the right girl. I mean it doesn’t really matter who he chose but at least one of the girls get to be in the MV! heehee! Thank you.

  8. Sohee Says:

    i want it to be sohee<3

  9. achu Says:

    a praise from jyp~
    must be damnnn goood

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