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[fancams+rar] The 1st Wonder Concert Fancams Compilation Batch 3 March 2, 2009

Batch 3! more fancams! wooot! Batch 4 are betterqualitites than all the fancams i have posted! they are actually cler and somewhat quite steady haha ^_^ i can se their faces clearly…. so wait for Batch 4! hehe gonna post them tomorrow ^_^anyways Batch 3 have more fancams ^_^ Sunmi Solo 4 is the full version of Sunmi’s Solo Stage ^_^

hre is the list of what’s inside ^_^

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Mediafire: 001 | 002

*download all and join them up with HJSPlit & then extract it with WinRar*

credits: iheartwg,wanwell448 @ wondergirlsthailand & cutegiurl


6 Responses to “[fancams+rar] The 1st Wonder Concert Fancams Compilation Batch 3”

  1. knack Says:


    Wonderful! Help!
    please! Vote for Nobody

    click on purple

    show Power’s WDF!!

    WDF Fighting !!!!

  2. ann Says:

    thanks a lot!
    I love these vid

  3. wgholic Says:

    thank you for compiling the fancams 🙂
    haha can’t wait for batch 4 >.<

  4. pongtuff Says:

    You can look at http://www.wondergirlsthailand.com there are many fancams for you to choose too. and also picture ^^

  5. ic3chub3 Says:

    Thanks for all the hardwork and efforts in compiling..


  6. SAM Says:

    thank u thank u thank u so much
    OMG & batch 4 too … batch3 … SunMi solo fancam
    U R so sweet ..^^..

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