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[clip] 03-02-09 Welcome to Wonderland Preview #2 March 2, 2009

Filed under: videos,Welcome to Wonderland,Wonder Girls — cutegiurl @ 7:30 pm

yeah! another preview!!!! wooot! i am so excited for this! we can see behind he scence during the making & rehearsals of The Wonder 1st Concert! wooooh!

the girls are so cute speaking english ^_^they seem to be having lots of fun ^_^

 Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


credits: wonderholic, daum & cutegiurl


8 Responses to “[clip] 03-02-09 Welcome to Wonderland Preview #2”

  1. ic3chub3 Says:

    I totally love their tango outfits.. Its one of the most fitting n beautiful outfits the girls have worn.. Sunmi sound really fierce bickering in English.. Itss so cute that they got Sohee to act as the mediating one.. ^^

  2. Sassy soori Says:

    Ha ha wonder girls i like them alot they are so cute i want to see wonder girls come to cambodia 🙂

  3. mamine Says:

    are they fighting or something???
    im so wanna see the whole epi.

  4. Frenchy_nana Says:

    I uploaded it ^^

  5. sun.hei Says:

    and they all look gorgeous with the nobody tango ourfits..^^
    cute sunmi^^ and the girls are argue with each otherO.o LoL..funny.
    gotta love this<3
    thx thx

  6. GoddessSUNYE Says:

    thanks for these……love the girls english

  7. wgholic Says:

    haha they’re soo cute when they speak english 🙂

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