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[YT-cips] Fancams of 02-28-09 The 1st Wonder Concert in Thailand March 1, 2009

here re the fancams!!!!!!!!! we are lucky to even watch this in youtube! ahhaha ^_^ i hope i can get to downlaod HQ fancams T_T oh and HQ Fantken pics will be uploaded next! w8 fomy rar files! their ae a lot of pics!

 a lot of fancams! i must say!

Sohee’s Solo

Yoobin’s Solo

Sunye’s Solo

Sunmi’s Solo

Ye eun’s Solo

Concert Opening

Ee babo

Bad Boy

Saying I Love You

This Time


Nobody Tango version with 2PM

So Hot


Soee’s Solo + Headache + Sunmi’s Solo + You’re Out


Yoobin Solo + Ee Babo


I Wanna

Special Video

Wishing on A Star


credits: youtube & wonderholic


4 Responses to “[YT-cips] Fancams of 02-28-09 The 1st Wonder Concert in Thailand”

  1. sun.hei Says:

    OMG!!!!!! thx a lottttttt<33
    now i’m going to watch all of this..can’t waittt~~ aaaa..
    be back with comments if i watched itxP

  2. Khayn Says:

    I’ve never been this eager for fancams. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Sohee Says:

    the fact that she sang while dancing was amazing<3 this is why shes my favorite wondergirl…she definitely proved her antis wrong

  4. miso4life Says:

    OMO!!! ahhh, mandoooo!!!!! ahhhhh, I am very proud *tears* XD. YOU WERE AWESOME GIRL!!!! WOOOOOT

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