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[news] Wonder Girls, to Debut in the U.S. with Nobody on May 5,2009! March 1, 2009

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I am excited as hell for them to debut in the U.S. coz that means there is a chance that they will be MORE well known in my country! But honestly speaking they still have a lot of improvements to do….they need to learn english & speak fluently and also they must have a wide vocabulary and not memorize speeches….they have to converse with people in the U.S. a lot and of course there will be surprise interviews which will not have them memorize speeches for it…so yeah…i guess they still have to study more…but i am happy that the girls are improving fast! Ye eun’s english skills are superb! and she’s probably the best & the most fluent one in the group! but she can’t handle the talking all by herself so the other members must be fluent also… I remember their interview in L.A. & ye eun do most of the talking….

anyways i hope JYP makes a good decision with this….but i’m scared for the girls….the U.S. Music Industry is some scary place….it would be better if JYP promotes WG to Japan first or China then the U.S.

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As the biggest hit maker of Asian pop music, JYP Entertainment brings you their next biggest phenomenon, Wonder Girls. The Wonder Girls, five female teenage sensations hailing from the east as music royalty, is finally making their highly anticipated US debut. The Wonder Girls are the next coming of the Spice Girls.

The US audience got a sneak preview of the Wonder Girls in 2008 when the 1 entertainment blogger in the US, Perez Hilton featured not one, but two of their hit music videos on his blog site. Perez Hilton says, “So fabs…we loves it!” The Wonder Girls were also featured on Virgin Media as one of the top 8 girls groups to watch in the world, along with the Pussycat Dolls, Girls Aloud and Danity Kane.

The San Francisco Chronicle writes, “Powered by catchy grooves, an all-out marketing frenzy and a wildly addictive internet dance craze, the teenage divas known as the Wonder Girls have become Korea’s biggest pop phenomenon.”

The Wonder Girls have accrued 3 no. 1 hit songs in Asia within the last two years, each having won an unprecedented amount of awards and digital downloads. And in less than two years, the Wonder Girls generated close to $20 million in revenue, including over 20 endorsement deals (i.e. Samsung, Baskin-Robbins, etc.).

The Wonder Girls’ first US debut single, “Nobody” is expected to launch on May 5, 2009.
Are you prepared for the Wonder Girls’ wonderful US adventure?


7 Responses to “[news] Wonder Girls, to Debut in the U.S. with Nobody on May 5,2009!”

  1. Eddie Says:

    Hey I like it. And I don’t even know what they saying. LOL. But the songs are catchy. Hope for the best.

  2. wg Says:

    i dunno but maybe americans will find interest in wonder girls after hearing their group name..kkk

  3. U.Bin Says:

    oh no == ~~~ sorry but even BoA failed ~

    Wonder Girls is best in Korea and only in Korea >_>
    concerts in US are okay but planning …to release there? … . _ . ~~

  4. chyeahxwondergirls Says:

    omg i heard about that too and guess what wonder girls r on itunes their all cds r in itunes now!

  5. GoddessSUNYE Says:

    best lucks to our girls!!! i hope they became successful in US…. i hope to see more activities of them in US…bcoz im going this year to US>>

  6. Eddie Says:

    Hi. I stumbled onto the Wonder Girls by accident and after I heard Nobody, I couldn’t help but listen to it over and over again. I’m a hispanic american and I don’t understand anything they say except for the english parts. All I know is that it’s catchy and I like it. I heard there top 3 songs and was pleased. I wish them the best and am looking forward to their debut.

  7. sun.hei Says:

    OMGO.o it’s official? wow…
    i thought JYP will debut them as actress or something else but not as singers..
    i dunno…i’m excited and all but i’m really scared too..the american music indrusty is a pretty tough place..
    i hope everything will be ok with our Wonder Girls<3
    but looking forward to it…
    WG Hwaiting~~!

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