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[news] The 1st Wonder Concert SUmmary + a fan’s account March 1, 2009

i am going to post Batch 2 of the fancam compilations ^_^ so just sit back & wait! hahah oh and the fancams i will be sharing later on have better qualities than the first one ^_^

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Every seat was occupied! WOW! this is the Wonder of our Wonder Girls!

28th of February 2009 , 18.00 . Indoor stadium Huamark , Bangkok. Wonder Girls’ ‘The 1st Wonder’ concert had officially started. The concert had more than 7000 fans attending who all enjoyed the whole 2 hours of 25 songs brought to the by the Wonder Girls.

Wonder Girls ‘The 1st Wonder’ had fanclubs, Wonderfuls (many many many of them) coming together to welcome the first Korean girl group to ever have their own concert in Thailand. Moreoever, the concert was also very important to Wonder Girls since it is their first official solo concert as well as it being outside of Korea.

When the clock reached 18.00 , Wonderfuls started to take their seats in the stadium holding their tickets which were sold out. When the intro music started, the fans started cheering for the Wonder Girls. Wonder Girls came out with the song ‘I wanna’ followed by ‘Bad boy’ and ‘Good bye’ before entering the hit song ‘So Hot’ . After the hotness start, Wonder Girls conversed with fans for a few minutes before leading into the introduction of ‘Nobody (Rainstone Remix) and then beautiful ballad ‘This Time’ .

The special part of the concert was the solo from each of the Wonder Girls. The first one to show her charm was Yeeun who sang a powerful balld ‘Killing Me Softly’ showing her amazing vocals that can give you goosebumps. Then, the leader, Sunye came out in beautiful blue dress with ‘Music of the Sun and Moon’. It was especially special as the lift in the middle of the stage lifted her up in the air to add to the amazingness of the performance. Next up was the maknae Sohee who danced (with Yeeun and Yubin in a huge LED screen behind her) to ‘Single Ladies. Then entered sexy girl Sunmi with dancers in the song ‘Invite’ before ending with sexy girl rapper Yubin peforming ‘Sexy Back’. For Yubin, just seeing her coming up from backstage induced a burst of scream from fans. The solo stages showed another side of the charm of each Wonder Girls.

After that, Yubin had a little chat with the fans and said “To be honest, sexy show that we’ve just shown you was just a concept for this concert. Really, we are still little girls who want to play like any other ordinary girls”. Soon after, ‘This Fool’ started, with the cute style of the song Wonder Girls came out with colourful clothing. Then followed by ‘You’re Out’, ‘Headache’ which came with cheerleader dancing style before ending the section with debut single, ‘Irony’

Wonder Girls’ special guest for the concert, 2PM came out with ’10 Points out of 10′ before greeting the fans with a bit of Thai before performing a pop R&B balld ‘Only you’ . After that, Nickkhun took a special stage wherein he performed the song ‘We Become One’ which was used for an advertisement. During the last part of the song, the rest of 2PM came out and danced with Nickkhun, creating an amazing impression for Wonderfuls.

After the special guest section had eneded, Wonder Girls took the stage again with ‘Saying I Love You’ which was performed beautifully in a piano version. The piano was played by Yeeun which showcased her instrumental talent as well as vocals. Wonder Girls then performed ‘Take It’ followed by ‘It’s not love’ before a video called ‘Dream Girls’ was shown. In the video, the girl received a present from JYP which allowed them to go back to the past. And when they were about to perform again, they started arguing until Sohee told everyone ‘Can I have just one night only’ . At the point, the Wonder Girls entered the stage from the LED screen in beautiful pink dress performing the song ‘One Night Only’ followed by ‘Nobody (Tango Version)’ featuring 2PM then ‘Nobody’, the original version which is still a hit everywhere. Wonder Girls then ended the show beautifully with ‘Tell me’ which created the ‘Tell me fever’ all over the Korea which shot them to stardom in no time.

Wonderfuls started shouting for the encore until Wonder Girls came out onto the stage again with ‘Wishing on a star’ before bidding farewell to the fans for the last time “This song truthfully tells our stories. We want to thank you everybody, if it wasn’t because of everyone, we wouldn’t be here today, we wouldn’t have this amazingly happy concert. Thank you all the fans who has given us so much love. We will improve ourselves and continue to walk along this road. Everyone will still love us, right? (Wonderfuls replied “Yes”) … We love you” . Sohee added at then end a sweet phras she had learnt “Love you, kiss kiss (in Thai)” which resulted in loud scream all over the hall. Wonder Girls then ended the show amazingly with ‘Nobody Remix’ and ‘Tell me Remix’ which made the fans full of happiness that was given by the Wonder Girls that night.

After the concert in Thailand, Wonder Girls will be preparing for a tour on the 5th of March in LA, 6th of March in Orange County, 8th of March in New York before going back to Korea for the show on the 21st of March in Pusan (KBS Hall) and the final show on the 28th of March in Seoul (Olympic Stadium).

source: pingbook
translation: namnao555

for the fan account click more! the fan account is a must read! haha ^_^ so many cute moments were mentioned! oh and i have fancams on where MiSo where unstoppable! hahaha ^_^ yeah gonna post it together with other fancams in Batch 2!

I just got back from the concert 3 hours ago, and let me just say…

I’m so overwhelmed now I can’t even find the right words to describe it.
I bought the standing tix with my sis and luckily, we got there early so we were at the front.
I still cannot believe how many people were there. The stadium was PACKED and I mean seriously packed. There wasn’t any room in the standing area at all. Every seat was filled, and most of them had light stick in their hands which was quite a sight.

The article from Pingbook pretty much said everything, so I’m just gonna add some cute moments I remember.

1. Did anyone mention… the girls spoke English the entire time??? They were so cute!!!
Granted, they’re not really fluent yet but it was nice to hear.
Ye Eun was the most fluent and I think Sun Ye was ok too.
MiSo… I couldn’t understand a word they were saying, sorry girls. T_T It didn’t help that they were quite soft spoken too.
Yoo Bin could have been better considering she’s the one from the US, but it was understandable.

2. So Hee… is a goddess in disguise. She was just… radiant with charisma. She got the loudest scream.
There was this school boy behind me. When he saw So Hee came out in her white dress during Saying I Love You, he screamed (in Thai) “****! She’s too effing beautiful!!!” (ส-ด สวยเกินไปละ!!!) Scary much?! laugh.gif
Also, I didn’t expect her to be playful at all. I thought she was gonna be her aloof self, but she was so friendly. She touched the fans’ hands; she danced happily; she even posed for pix with Sunmi!!! *dies*
(watch her outfit during This Fool, it was so cute I almost turned gay right there, j/k!)

3. Yoo Bin sure knows how to make an entrance for her solo. She was carried by 4(I think) male dancers for her solo!!! (I can’t remember if she was lying on something coz I was so excited to see her, lol.)
She finished her SexyBack routine by conversing in English again, but I couldn’t really hear.

4. In the “Dream Girls” vignette, the story is that sometime in the future, the girls split up. ><
Sun Mi and Yoo Bin had a feud because of a love triangle. The 2Ye also had a feud but I can’t remember over what.
They all went their seperate ways.
Sun Ye become a Grammy winner. Yoo Bin turned a hip hop superstar.
Ye Eun founded her own cosmetics company which ranked in the Fortune100.
So Hee won an Oscar for her role as a widow with an Alzeimer! XD
Sun Mi became the first lady of Korea, I think.
Then JYP died… (How did they come up with this stuff?)
Eventually, the girls were brought together again to receive a present left by JYP. So Hee acted as a mediator.
Once they opened the present, they traveled back to their WG days in their Nobody outfits.
No one wanted to perform together except for So Hee. The 4 girls bickered and So Hee just quitely sang “One Night Only” to herself. *cuteness overload*
Eventually, the other girls agreed to perform and then they came out to perform the song. It was BEYOND BEYOND BEYOND AMAZING!!!

5. During the encore, both WG and 2PM came out to dance to Tell Me, So Hot and Nobody remix.
Nichkhun lifted Jae up and pretended to throw him towards the crowd. (don’t you tease me Khunnie!!!) Then Taec did the same thing with Khun.
Then when they were all about to leave the stage, Ye Eun was the last one of the girls along with Taec and I think Junho. Taec gestured to Ye Eun if he could lift her and throw her to the crowd too!!! LOL Ye Eun just gave him a look and walked away! *squeal*

Ooh… and adorkable Sun Mi also went to the wrong exit when she was about to leave. XD
The 2PM boys left through the side exit and she followed them; when in fact, she was supposed to be lowered down at the center of the stage with the girls!
The look on her face when the staff pointed her in the right direction was priceless!! XD

Omo… I didn’t realize it was gonna be this long. I’m sorry if I take up too much space guys! Also sorry if I’m not supposed to post in here. I was waiting for someone to make a “share your concert experience” thread but I couldn’t help it. tongue.gif

Anyway, here’s my fancam. I didn’t bring a camera so I just used my lame cellphone.
The sound quality is none existent, but I got a good view of Binnie when she was standing in front of me. happy.gif


credits: PalmPanda


3 Responses to “[news] The 1st Wonder Concert SUmmary + a fan’s account”

  1. ic3chub3 Says:

    Wow awesome fan accounts.. How i wished i could go and witness our girls’ first solo concert ~ ~ T_T

    But i’m glad that the concert is a big success and hopefully they will continue to tour ard the world for more concerts!!!

  2. GoddessSUNYE Says:

    wow…their first concert is success!!! thai wonderfuls is amazing….

  3. Sohee Says:

    of course sohee got the loudest cheers<3 what ticks me off is how ppl hate her just because she cant sing….she can sing, and her solo performance definitely proved it

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