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[interview] 02-26-09 Wonder Girls @ Seed Radio March 1, 2009

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i just wanted to post this pic haha and since this article doesn’t have a pic with it i took the chance of posting this one hahaha ^_^ oh and this pic  many more are all included in the rar file ^_^

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DJ:  Hello everyone. Anyone who is listening to 97.5FM, let me tell you something. I am very excited now because once in a while our radio would have a good opportunity ike this. At this moment, I am with the five wonder girls of K-pop industry who are constantly gaining fame and popularity in Asia.
(DJ introduced a thai-korean translator)

DJ: Please introduce yourselves nice and loud because the fans want to hear you clearly!

Wonder Girls:  Hello, we are Wonder Girls. (in Thai)

Sunye: Hello, I’m Sunye (in Thai). I’m very glad that I have the chance to come here again this time. I’m also very excited to meet the thai fans.

DJ:  Oh ok, this is Sunye, the leader of the group. Next one.

Sohee: Hello, I’m Sohee.  I’m also glad to see the thai fans again.

DJ: Ok, this is Sohee.

Yeeun:  Hello, I’m Yeeun (in Thai). I’m glad to come to Thailand again and I’m very excited about the concert on Saturday.

Sunmi: Hello, I’m Sunmi. I’m also glad to see thai fans again.  I’m very excited at the moment as I have heard that Wonder Girls are very popular in Thailand. I want to spend some time with thai fans and hope that they will have fun.

DJ: Ummm…very cute. Ok, last person.

Yubin:  Hello, I’m Yubin.  I’m glad to come to Thailand again too.  We’ve put a lot of effort into preparations for our concert so please look forward to it.

DJ:  Let me explain to the listeners a bit because you might not see anything here.  Everyone (Wonder Girls) look a bit tired, but they are all cute and smiling brightly.  Ok, let’s ask questions. I know that this is not your first time in Thailand, so from experience, what do you like the most about Thailand?  Maybe food, tourist places, or thai guys?

Yeeun: Food! Last time we came to Thailand, we learnt how to make crispy pancakes, which we made and ate ourselves.

DJ: They’re delicious , right? (Laughs)

Wonder Girls:  (Laughs)

DJ:  Because we go on to talk about the concert, I want to ask Wonder Girls if they knew that their songs, especially ‘Nobody’,  is a big hit in Thailand. Not only women can sing and dance to it, men can too. There’s even class for people who want to learn it!

Sunmi:  I have heard about this from 2AM since they had come to Thailand last week.  They said wherever they went, they heard ‘Nobody’. So we knew about this before, but we haven’t experienced it ourselves yet.

DJ: You will definitely experience it within these 2 days.  ‘Nobody’ has recently earned four awards at the MKMF 2008; best song of the year, best female group, best music video, best music video director. Have you ever expected that you would receive this many awards, and how did it feel when you had received them?

Sohee:  Before we released ‘Nobody’, we never thought that it would be this successful. Especially since it’s only been two years after our debut and to get such big awards; it really encourages us to work harder.

DJ: (To translator) Before I ask the next questions, can you tell them that they all have pretty smiles.

Wonder Girls:  (Laugh)

Yeeun: Thank you!  (in Thai)

DJ:  Wonder Girls’ ‘The first wonder’ concert is Wonder Girls’ first concert outside Korea. I would like to know why you’ve chosen Thailand, and how do you feel about having your first big concert?

Sunye:  Well, at first we’ve planned our concert as a tour to many different countries. But last time when we came to Thailand and performed ‘Tell me’,  all the thai fans could sing along and we were really impressed!  So we thought that if we were going to have a concert tour, Thailand would be the first place we go to.

DJ:  Oh, very cute. She lives up to her status as a leader.  I’ve heard that for this concert, you have been putting our your effort into practicing, wou even stopped all the promotions in Korea. Is it true that all of you have been practicing hard?

Yubin:  It’s really true! We really want our fanclub to be impressed by our concert so we’ve put all our effort into it. It’s not long till the thai fans can see what we have for them.

DJ:  How long did it take to prepare for the concert?

Wonder Girls: Ummm….

DJ: Huhu, they’re counting.

Sunye:  About 3-4 weeks before we came to Thailand.

DJ:  Since you have been practicing a lot, is there anything special about this concert? Like new dance or something.

Sunmi: All the songs and their dance will be special because last time thai fans only knew about ‘Tell me’. But this time, there’s everything and they are all special.

DJ: Ok, I’ll wait and see.  This time, I’m sure everyone knows this, Wonder Girls did not come alone but also brought special guests;  the seven guys from 2PM.  I want you to speak about 2PM, if they have anything special to show us at the concert.

Yeeun:  2PM already has special charm so you won’t be disappointed. Nickkhun has also prepared a special stage. There’s a lot of things but I don’t want to tell you now because otherwise it wouldn’t be special!

DJ:  On the topic of Nickkhun, has he ever taught you girls how to speak Thai?

Yeeun: Sure he has!

DJ: For examples?

Yeeun:  Hello (in Thai). Thank you (in Thai). Miss you so much (in Thai).

DJ: Oh wow! Let me teach you one sentence; “Love you, kiss kiss” (in Thai).

Wonder Girls: (Laugh), “I love you” (in Thai).

DJ: Ok…I love you…I love you too!

Wonder Girls: (Laugh)

DJ:  Ok, last question, we don’t have much time left. Speak fast.  If I ask you to promise to come back to Thailand again, would you do it?

Sunye: Definitely.  Not just once, but many times!

DJ:  Wonder Girls have wrapped their little fingers around mine as a promise. Don’t be jealous, OK? (Laughs).  Ok, I’ll tell Nickkhun to take you (Wonder Girls) around Thailand! Thank you very much to the Wonder Girls for their time with us today. Seed is a radio show that a lot of people listen to,  I assure you that after this, Wonder Girls will have loads more fans!

Wonder Girls: (Laugh)

Yeeun: Thank you (in Thai).

DJ:  Lastly, do you have anything you want to say to your fans?

Sunye:  Firstly, thank you everyone for always supporting us and giving us love and encouragement. We will continue to work harder in order to give something back to the fans.

DJ:  Thank you very much.

Wonder Girls: Thank you (in Thai).

source: Seed radio, Thailand
translation: namnao555


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  1. wgholic Says:

    haha thanks for translating 🙂
    they’re really adorable ❤

  2. […] anyways here is the mp3 for the interview that WG had ^_^ for the translations go to this post [interview] 02-26-09 Wonder Girls @ Seed Radio […]

  3. sun.hei Says:

    thx for the translate^^
    the girls are so cute [as always]<3

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