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[YT-clips] fancams of WG in Thailand February 28, 2009

here are fancams i found in youtube ^_^

upated with one more!

14.2/16 Wonder Girls with lucky boys Thailand


090227 Wonder Girls on their way to Sukishi Restaurant

One of our admins got a seat next to SoHee @ Sukishi and her fav. happens to be her too lol so lucky ^^
And the sad part is SunYe and YuBin are sick T T my poor girls. Get well soon Oh and the funny part is YeEun, according to one of our friends, she kept ordering food and ate til the restaurant was about to close lol.

credits: iHeartWG

090226 Wonder Girls arrival @ Phatumwan Princess Hotel

Some translations of what they were saying
Park yhu nhai? = ‘Where is Park?’
Khan nhai nheer = ‘ Which van is it?’
Mai roo = Don’t know
Heeeww = is like Hooray in Thai
Nhai wha = Where?

They went in so fast that some fans didn’t even notice – -*

credits: iHeartWG.com

090226 Wonder Girls down for dinner

This was taken around 9PM, Wonder Girls came down for dinner after many interviews. Poor girls didn’t have time to eat since they landed in Bangkok T T Friendly YeEun 😉

credits: iHeartWG.com

090227 Wonder Girls @ Siam Center iHeartWG

Gorgeous girls and sweet as always especially YeEun 😉
credits: iHeartWG.com

[SY Fancam] 090226 Min SunYe @ Pathumwan Princess Hotel


[Fancam] Wonder girls @ Hotel Thailand 1 20090226

credits: golf21425

[Fancam] Wonder Girls@hotel Thailand 2 20090226

credits: golf21425

4guys dancing Nobody at WG press

credits: misika911


6 Responses to “[YT-clips] fancams of WG in Thailand”

  1. sunzberry Says:

    I don’t really believe that iHeartWG said that their admin get the seat next to Sohee.

    cause i’m the one of the wonderful that can entrance (i’m a staff in one website that related to WG & 2PM & GMM inter) the sukishi and the guard in the sukishi said the seat inside will be the seat for ONLY WG & Staff. (and all seats outside will be for wonderful in wgth.com & oneday in 2pmthailand

  2. ic3chubb3 Says:

    Jus asking, would it be possible to share the download links for these videos cutegiurl??? It wud be great if its possible but definitely no worries if u cant.. ^^

  3. Sohee Says:

    i wish i was the one sitting next to sohee. shes my favorite too

  4. cutegiurl Says:

    you are lucky too for seeing them ^_^ i wanna see them too!!!!! huhuhhu T_T

    oh and i’m gonna end you now the black and white one ^_^ the colored one will be for next week….i am not that confident with my colored one so i will be sending you also the b&w one haha ^_^

  5. U.Bin Says:

    haha ~ so many fans ~
    first I wanted to go to thailand also cause for germany …its really cheap to fly there cause its vacation-place …and many people go there so ticket is more cheap than korean concert would be haha XD but as I saw WG at MBC Gayo I dont need to go to concert that much : 3
    I just wanna say lucky fans in thailand ! : > so good chance to see WG one or more times ~
    I wish at least I would live in thailand cause all good singer come to there also haha XD

    ah yeah

    btw. its okay if you send me black and white and colored picture : >

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