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[pics] unseen pics + bonus February 28, 2009

here are some unseen(?) pics of Sohee plus an unseen pic of Sunmi & Sunye

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

the following pics were during the visit of WG for Chuseok festival in NYC

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

credits: etbbong, wonderholi & cutegiurl


8 Responses to “[pics] unseen pics + bonus”

  1. miki Says:

    woow cute girls!!!^-^

  2. yesohl92 Says:

    hmm, anyone know where that sweater is from? (the one sohee is wearing in the first picture).. its on the tip of my tongue..i just cant seem to remember..

  3. sun.hei Says:

    the second pic of sohee is a die for!xD she’s sooo cute with this expression..:D
    the 2sun pics is cute^^

    and yep the girl is Min…she looks soo skinnyO.o

  4. Sohee Says:

    sohee so cute<3 so are the others(:

  5. GoddessSUNYE Says:

    Sunmi & Sunye looks pretty.. 2sun!

  6. ic3chubb3 Says:

    Thats Min right??? Wow her waist is like so toned n tiny ~ ~

    Thanks fr sharing these unseens pics ~ ~

  7. kpoplover123 Says:

    Sohee is so cute! JYP family is love!^^ sunmi and sunye looks areally pretty!!!

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