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[news] Fan’s weird experience with So Hee February 28, 2009

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this made me ROFL! hahaha

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Credit@: http://www.allkpop.com/

A fan speaks out about her weird experience with So Hee of the Wonder Girls during an autograph signing:

소희: 안녕하세요~^^
So Hee: Hello~^^

나: 네 언니 너무이쁘세여ㅠㅠ아
Fan: Unnie, you’re so pretty T_T

소희: 아 감사합니다^^ 이름이요!
So Hee: Ah, thank you^^ Your name?

나: 언경이요!
Fan: Un Kyung Ee!

소희: 네?
So Hee: What?

나: 언경이요!!~~
Fan: Un Kyung Ee!!~~

소희: 아…………진짜 이름이세요?
So Hee: Uh……….. Is that really your name?

나: 네!..(????무슨 문제있나?????????)
Fan: Yes!…(????What’s the problem?????????)

*after signing*

소희: 여기요!^^~
Sohee: Here you are!^^~

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

^ To. 엉덩이
^ To. Ung Dung Ee (which literally means “ass” / “butt” in Korean)


4 Responses to “[news] Fan’s weird experience with So Hee”

  1. hardtoexplainz Says:

    wakaka no wonder she ask u name two times @@

  2. sun.hei Says:

    haha yeah i read it on allkpop too..
    she is soo cute lol.xD
    such an adorable mistake… poor fan, but it’s ok if she said that she forgive sohee.=]

  3. Sohee Says:

    haha. sohee is so adorableE! even when shes making mistakes like this…but luckily the fan wasnt angry and shed even said that she forgave sohee. AHA…i wouldnt care as long as i got to meet sohee

  4. Chobie Says:

    Lmao! Aish, i do feel sorry for the fan. Must of been too loud that Sohee couldn’t hear her name properly >.<

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