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[interview] 02-26-09 Wondergirls @ Thailand Interview February 28, 2009

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^ credit myler.john

These girls sing and dance like no other and they definitely give korean spice a sweet name.
The wonder girls sit down with NJ and give big respect to their fanbase in thailand.

What’s it like to back in Thailand?
We’re so happy and excited to be back with our Thai fans.

How did you prepare for the concert?
We’ve been practising hard, preparing our unique performance and working on some new songs.
Of course, we’re learning some new choreography as well to make our concert fun for the fans!!

What would you like to say to your Thai fans?
What’s up Thailand?
Have you missed us? We miss all you guys!
We’re so excited and can’t wait to meet you! See you at the concert!

After this tour,do you have anything planned? Any movies or TV series lined-up?
We don’t have an exact plan yet, but we do have some upcoming concerts in the US and Seoul right after this concert.

How did you each contribute to “The Wonder Years Trilogy”?
Yea-un wrote the song “Saying I Love You”; it’s her official debut as a composer.
Everyone else affed ideas for outfits,styles,and the album cover.
You will see more songs composed by the Wonder Girls in the future.

Being singers must keep you busy.How do you find time to study?
We have limited,but we always try to study during our break from rehearsing and after our full-day schedule is over. We usually study at night.

What is your favourite thai food?
Khao-Phad and Phad-Thai!! There are many Thai restaurants in korea. So,we frequently go there and eat.
Thai food is not only unique but also delicious,and suits the Korean’s taste. We really enjoy it.

Are most of your fans guys or girls?
Girls. They find us approachable because we seem friendly and look like normal girls.

What is the strangest reaction you’ve ever had from a fan?
It’s hard to pick one moment because our fans are always passionate and aggressive (in a positive way), including our Thai fans.
When we visited Thailand,our Thai fana sang “Tell Me” for us at the airport.

What has touched you the most about your fans?
The fact that they are so kind and thoughtful. It must be hard for them to always be dedicated to watch our performance,and coming to our shows.But,they have continually been great to us and we’e very grateful.

[source: wonderholic]
[credit: yunjin@soompi]


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