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[info] The 1st Wonder Concert Solo performances February 28, 2009

Each WG member will be performing solo for their first concert ^_^ i am totally excited for fancams!!!!!!!! Thai fans please do give us a lot of fancams!!!! hehe ^_^

these are the light sticks for each member ^_^ the other two colors are not posted ^_^

Perf 7 – Killing Me Softly (Ye-Eun)
Perf 8 – Sun and Moon (Sun-Ye)
Perf 9 – Single Ladies (So-Hee)
Perf 10 – Invite (Sun-Mi)

Perf 11 – Sexy Back (Yu-Bin)
Last Performance – Tell Me Remix (Reel Shot)

credits: iHeartWG & cutegiurl


One Response to “[info] The 1st Wonder Concert Solo performances”

  1. sun.hei Says:

    each member have own light stick? woow. that’s a good idea..^^ and all of them have it in their fav color..
    lucky thai fans, hope they’ll give us a lotttt fancams!

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