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[Ningin-post] We’re in Thailand! February 27, 2009

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Hey everybody,

We’re in Thailand! Just arrived yesterday, and we’re busy getting ready for our concert this Saturday. It’s our 2nd time here in Thailand, and we’re so excited to be back!!! So many of our fans here came to cheer and support us at the airport, and we loved seeing you all. Thank you for all your love and support!!!

We’ve prepared so much for this concert so we hope many of our fans come out to see us!

Oh and by the way, we’re going to launch our own official Wonder Girls website, MySpace page and Facebook Group, so please join and support us!!! We’ll keep you updated!

And don’t forget to submit your dance videos!!! We can’t wait to see them!




One Response to “[Ningin-post] We’re in Thailand!”

  1. angun Says:

    사랑해 원더걸스

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