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[Ningin Post] Wonder Girls: The making of the “Nobody” music video February 24, 2009

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Just short of three months after the release of “So Hot,” the Wonder Girls already proved themselves to be a merciless force when it comes to creating addictive new songs. Just as “Tell Me” and “So Hot” had done, “Nobody” made everyone go crazy. From the Wonder Babies, Norazo, Sakurai Sho of ARASHI and even robots. And as most know, this single was milked for all it’s worth—see the many, many, manymany remixes.

As expected, the concept of the “Nobody” music video was once again the complete opposite of the preceding music video (”So Hot”). This time, everything from wardrobe, to hair and makeup, was inspired by the 1960’s/motown girl groups. Think Dreamgirls with slight nods to mod girls.

The video itself was more of a short movie than anything. In the beginning, Park Jin Young is the star, and the girls are only his backup singers. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), he gets stuck in the toilet stall right before his performance, and the Wonder Girls step up and take over. You can watch all of the videos below.


Nobody performance

Behind the scenes

Finished Video


credits: ningin


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