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[Ningin Post] Wonder Girls: A Look Through the Albums! February 19, 2009

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*This is not a post that is written by WG*
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us The Wonder Girls first debuted in 2007 and recently celebrated their two-year anniversary on February 10th. Since then, the Wonder Girls have released several projects that have dazzled the Korean music charts. Each of these albums have their own special charm, which I will guide you through!

The Wonder Begins
The Wonder Begins isn’t a full album… It’s more like a mini album. I’m not a fan of mini albums, but that’s okay. Hyun Ah was still in the group at this point. The mini album consists of three songs and a remix: “Irony (아이러니),” “It’s Not Love (미안한 마음),” and “Bad Boy,” plus a remix to “Irony (아이러니).” During this time, the Wonder Girls already proved themselves to be strong live singers. I love the songs “Irony (아이러니)” and “It’s Not Love (미안한 마음).” I wasn’t into “Bad Boy” and the “Irony (아이러니)” remix. “Irony (아이러니)” is a catchy tune with a cute music video that has a fun dance to go with it. The Wonder Girls strong vocals, as well as an attitude and a talent to match. For something this small, the mini-album definitely showed that the Wonder Girls had the potential to make it big.



Image Hosted by ImageShack.us The Wonder Years
Yes! A full album! This album brought the dancing phenomenon “Tell Me,” which even I have learned. It also introduced one of my favorite members, rapper Yoobin, to the group since member Hyunah left due to an illness. Although I loved the album and the songs, it was a bit different from their debut because their vocals seemed to be weaker than usual. A few of my favorite songs from this album include “Tell Me,” “Wishing on a Star,” “You Fool (이 바보),” and “Take It (가져가).” “Bad Boy,” “Irony (아이러니),” and “It’s Not Love (미안한 마음)” all make a return as well. This album has more sweet sounding songs with an innocent feel. It’s soothing to listen to, but of course, the “Tell Me” craze made it a bit more fun to listen to!



Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
So Hot
My love for “Tell Me” never dies. I was so happy to find out the rap version to the song was on this mini album! But of course, the main attraction was “So Hot.” Although it’s a seemingly conceited song, it shows that the Wonder Girls have a seductive side to them. The cute act can only last for so long, right? The song is incredibly catchy, and the music video was even more fun to watch. Each of the girls shows their flirtatious sides—if you’ve got it, flaunt it!
There were also two other songs on this mini album: “This Time” and “You’re Out.” I love ballads, and it was great to hear a Wonder Girls ballad for once. “This Time” was a cute song that included each of the girls singing in the song. The girls show that although they’re still a bit difficult to hear on stage, the album still sounds great. Except for “You’re Out…” It’s just annoying.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us The Wonder Years Trilogy
Ever since I saw the Wonder Girls at the Chuseok Festival last September, I was excited for this album. “Nobody” ended up being the song I liked most out of “Nobody,” “Saying I Love You,” and “I Tried.” “I Tried” listening to “Saying I Love You” but when Sohee started to sing, I noticed her voice isn’t all that strong when it comes to holding out longer notes; she’s best with cute, short and high notes. All in all, Sohee’s voice is not very strong in any of the songs. It’s just more apparent in “Saying I Love You.” I especially like the ballad version of “Nobody.” It’s definitely different, since the vocals seem more strong and confident. I love it! It’s also a plus that the Wonder Girls know what they were singing with their newly acquired English skills. When I first listened to “Nobody,” I knew it was going to be a hit. Fantastic song, Wonder Girls!

credits: ningin


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