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[Ningin Interview] Kimmie Mai and her Wonderful gift to Ye Eun February 19, 2009

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if you don’t know Kimmie Mai…well she is the VERY LUCKY girl who got thanked by Ye eun through their Ningin Blog…i am so envious of her! ahhh!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usWonderful Kimmie Mai, a 22-year-old DePaul University student and Chicago resident, first caught wind of the Wonder Girls during their performance at the 29th Dragon Film Awards. Asides from seeing Ye Eun and Yoo Bin on We Got Married, Kimmie Mai—who is pretty new to k-pop music—wasn’t familiar with the Wonder Girls, but she was instantly drawn to one of the Wonder Girls after the Dragon Film performance. After figuring out the Wonder Girls’ names, Kimmie Mai found out her soon-to-be favorite Wonder Girl was—yep, you guessed it—Ye Eun. Since then, Kimmie Mai has been a devoted Wonderful and Eunsun lover: Of course, Ye Eun is now the face I’ll never forget.

Kimmie Mai’s original intention in sending Ye Eun a care package was very much out of love and adoration, and she never planned on making this a public event (she didn’t even mention this on her blog): I hoped to surprise Ye Eun and thought it’d be nice to greet her with love after a long flight—far away from home. Also, to represent the Chicago fans! (Thanks to JYP-USA staff for being so nice.)

However, seeing as how we’re all so curious about the package, Kimmie Mai was kind enough to grant us this fan interview. Despite thinking she may be contradicting herself, she’s taking one for the Wonderful team: no Wonderful can say no to Ningin, especially me.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Ye Eun’s Gift
♥ Two religious-based inspirational books: Your Best Life Now by Joel Osteen and The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren
♥ A t-shirt with Kimmie Mai’s very own design featuring a “Connected via Music” theme: Ye Eun’s picture is placed between Korea and Chicago.
♥ Fannie May’s chocolate: for foodie Ye Eun’s love of food!
♥ A musical card: “Anytime. Anywhere. Anyhow… I’m here for you.”

There is no photo of the package as Kimmie Mai never took a photo of it, but the image to the right shows everything she included in the package.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usWhen asked about the now-famous message that Ye-Eun sent her on Ningin, Kimmie Mai told us that on the day she received the message she “was excited to tears,” and on the second day, she was “touched [deeply].”

[Ye Eun] didn’t have to do it, but she did, which meant everything to a fan like me. I planned it for her, but I got more surprise and happiness in return [compared to] what she received. Such a sweet gal, isn’t she? Thanks, Ye Eun.

Ye Eun’s a sweet gal, and so are you, Kimmie Mai. Please join Ningin in thanking her for sharing this with us—thank you!


credits: ningin & cutegiurl


3 Responses to “[Ningin Interview] Kimmie Mai and her Wonderful gift to Ye Eun”

  1. wgholic Says:

    haha ye eun is soo sweet ❤

  2. Khayn Says:

    Very cute and touching. Thanks for sharing.

  3. mamine Says:

    thanks for sharing
    i’ve always wondered who she is
    she’s so lucky!!!
    also yeeun’s so nice to her fans^^

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