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[article] Wonder Girls is my Medicine February 19, 2009

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I am Tricia Ann M. Evangelista…a normal girl from the Philippines…

Ever since birth i have been asthmatic & i am also very prone to any kind of sickness as my body is weak against viruses & bacterias…And so even as a baby until now that i am a teenager, I always get the aid of medicines to be healthy…well to be at least a little bit healthy…

I was just a normal girl who is always sick and whose colds doesn’t go away…but then in my 6th Year of Elementary i was introduced to Kpop…and that very sick girl is not normal anymore! She had become an addict since then! yes! An Addict! A Kpop Addict in Particular ^_^

My days Before my Kpop life was very dull & boring which makes me hate my life with addition to my health…But when i was introduced to Kpop my life became a little bit exciting…And when i knew this 5 girls who are called “Wonder Girls” my life became VERY VERY EXCITING and VERY LIVELY! 

I knew Wonder Girls when i was searching for videos of Rain in Youtube. There i saw a clip of Rain teaching 5 girls to dance…and these 5 girls are Min Sunye, Ahn Sohee, Sun Mi, Kim Hyuna & Park Ye Eun who are called “Wonder Girls”

[This is the Youtube clip that started it all http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mnA2jVCPeQ]

I was attracted by their charisma & their hard work at once ^_^ All of them are giving their all to fulfill their dreams in becoming a singer…And because of this youtube clip, I started to watch all of the MTV Wonder Girls Episodes even though i didn’t understand a word they had said! But even though i can’t understand it…their actions are enough for me to fully understand their hearts…

I was heartbroken when Hyuna left the group but then Kim Yoobin replaced her and fixed that crack in my heart…i respect Hyuna’s decision if she thinks it is the best…I will still support her even if she is in another group now ^_^

I watched every single performance they had on my computer…downloading for hours just to be able to watch their performance in High Quality in my laptop….

I had become a Wonderful ever since i first saw that WG clip with Rain…and i love them even more when i knew how humble, kind, down-to-earth & how crazy[in a good way] their personailities are…

I love their dorkie acts in interviews…

I love how they stay so professional in photoshoots & commercial shootings….

I love how each members show their affections to other members….

I love how they care for each other….

I love how they are so concern about Earth especially Sunmi ^_^ the 4-dimensional of the group ^_^…

I love how they do not fight back to netizens that had said negative comments about them but instead they take it and try to change it for the better…

I love how these girls are all so talented not just in singing and dancing but also in various kinds of entertainment like hosting shows & acting…

I love how they do not take for granted their studies even though they are already BIG STARS…

I love how they care for their fans and how they never forget to thank their fans in every speech they made in awards show ^_^


 Being a Wonderful made me become friendly not only online but in real life as well…Wonder Girls & Wonderfuls are humble & kind people…And i am very proud to be a Wonderful and to have Wonder Girls as my idols…


And also because of Wonder Girls that i have learned how to write in hangul & also speak in Korean ^_^…Wonder Girls have really influenced me a lot in different ways…원더걸스 사랑해요!


And so i titled this article as “Wonder Girls is my Medicine” not because they have cured my sickness physically but because they have cured every part of me that is weak emotionally, mentally & socially… I have gained a lot because of WG…I am always stressed out because of family problems & school stuffs but all i need to do is plug in my earphones & my iPod and just play any Wonder Girls’ song and then my body, mind & heart will be relaxed…I am not joking nor writing this with any ulterior moves…I am sharing this because it is the truth.


Because of my love for Wonder Girls that i have created this blog for them which now has 1.4 Million Views from people in different parts of the world! I am sure that i have made a lot of people to become a fan of Wonder Girls because of my blog ^_^ and i am so happy that i am sharing my love for them to everyone in this world ^_^

I am happy that I am a Wonderful…and i will always be happy to be one

So i really hope that my blog reached the hearts of a lot of people and had become a Wonderful! Please support Wonder Girls in any way that you can! Buy their Album! Join them in their Concert! Spread the word!

Spread the Wonder all over the World!


14 Responses to “[article] Wonder Girls is my Medicine”

  1. anna patrice sarmiento Says:

    amazing! you are an amazing girl and very brilliant to make this blog.hope you can fix all your problems esp family problems with the help of your idols…wonder girls

  2. PiterKokoniz Says:

    Hi !! 😉
    I am Piter Kokoniz. oOnly want to tell, that I like your blog very much!
    And want to ask you: will you continue to post in this blog in future?
    Sorry for my bad english:)
    Thank you!
    Your Piter Kokoniz, from Latvia

  3. krazysindy Says:

    Wow… Thank you so much for your dedication to this blog. I have only just recently discovered this, as I wished to understand the Wonder Girls a lot more. Thanks for the posts.

    After reading this entry, has made me realise I’m not alone in what the Wonder Girls has brought to the world. Their eccentricities, charisma and awesome songs has really changed my life.

    Listening to their songs, I also feel calm, relaxed and unbelievably happy, which many of my friends have noticed. I hope you stay well, look after yourself. Thank you for your posts.

    WG Fighting~ or Hwaiting…

    I am glad to have found someone who is dedicated and follows the WG with much love, it makes me proud to be a Wonderful. So, thank you. For this blog, and being so awesome. :3

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