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[NIngin Post] A Look Into The Wonder Girls: Ye Eun February 10, 2009

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Wonder Girls member Park Ye Eun is known as the main vocalist in the group. Her singing career first started with her JYP audition for the 99% Challenge project. Despite her strong vocals, she was eliminated in the first round and auditioned two more times before she was finally picked as the fifth member of the Wonder Girls. This girl definitely knows what perseverance is, and she’s a real testament to working hard and not giving up. Fighting!

While she is quite the pop star now, Ye Eun is commonly known for her thoughtfulness of her fans. She constantly worries about her fans and leaves various notes on her mini hompy constantly telling fans to take care of themselves. Ain’t she sweet?

Aside from her strong music career, this kpop diva is very studious (an example for us all). Early last year, it was revealed that she was a top 10 student in various subjects, including languages where she is ranked No. 1. She stated, “When I study, I will treat language lessons as the base for all subjects. So that when I am revising for other subjects, it would be like reading a novel [textbook] over and over again. I find this to be very effective when I’m revising.” Even though the Wonder Girls have hectic schedules, Ye Eun continues to study diligently.


Name: Park Ye Eun
Birthday: May 26, 1989 (19)
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 47kg
Blood Type: AB
Hobbies: Music, Reading, Reading the Bible
Favorite Artists: Lauryn Hill, Aretha Franklin, So Hyang
Favorite Color: Green

Ye Eun @ JYP Auditions

Ye Eun in School

Ye Eun Practices for Nobody Tango Ver.

Ye Eun in Freestyle Basketball CF

Sun Ye makes fun of Ye Eun’s weird pre-recording habit

credits: ningin


4 Responses to “[NIngin Post] A Look Into The Wonder Girls: Ye Eun”

  1. mamine Says:

    she’s my fev too ^^
    im so touched with her strong determination to be a singer

  2. wgholic Says:

    park ye eun ~ 🙂
    our gorgeous yosa ❤

  3. wongen Says:

    lol.. my favorite ye eun 🙂 i love her pre-recording habit. he he..

  4. krysti Says:

    Her blood type is “AB”? That’s weird.. I thought MISO were the only two with blood type “AB”. I’m missing something here but its okay since its from NINGIN. Okay NVM!. lol.

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