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[02-10-09] Happy 2nd Year Anniversary to Wonder Girls! February 10, 2009

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Happy 2nd Year Anniversary to our loving Wonder Girls!

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Congratulations to all of you because you’ve once again made a year a WONDER YEAR!

Thank You for doing all the best that you can to show us, Wonderfuls, your passion in music…

For us, Wonder Girls is the best Girl Group out there that touched the hearts of all generations in Korea.

And not just Korea but in other parts of the World too! Just like America, Thailand, Singapore, China, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, and more!

You girls are the best! No doubt to that!

You girls don’t only have the looks, but all of you also have the talent not just in singing or dancing but in other aspects too like modelling, acting and hosting a show. You girls also have a lot of charisma.

And the most important traits that you girls have that we, Wonderfuls, love the most are your humbleness,humanity,kindness & your love for us fans whom you never forget to thank when you girls receive an award.

We are very thankful for all your actions on showing your gratitude towards us. And even the smallest things means the greatest to us.

We will always support you girls no matter what! We will be polite fans that will make you girls be proud of us.

We love you Wonder Girls and remember,

Once a Wonderful, Forever a Wonderful!


11 Responses to “[02-10-09] Happy 2nd Year Anniversary to Wonder Girls!”

  1. WGsunye Says:

    Happy 2nd anniversary to our WONDER GIRLS Sunye, Yoobin, Yeeun, Sohee & Sunmi!!!!

  2. ehkang Says:

    hahaha,, yea,, long live SINGLES!! hehe,,

  3. ehkang Says:

    ooohhhh~~~ HAPPY HAPPY 2nd Anniversary to our dear Wonder girls^^ in just a short time, JYP’s first girl group became soooo popular,, and became very successful. Hope for many wonderful years to come for our beloved WONDER GIRLS! Hwaiting^^

    hey friend,, i dropped by to say,, miz yahhh^^

    P.S i still have no valentine.. well, if kevin (the twins) is available, you can introduce me to him,,hehe,, labya!!♥

    • cutegiurl Says:

      apparently they are both taken T_T i think….we don’t have any dates for valentines day… how sad…but it’s ok we can live through it…haha we spent our valentines before without dates haha so we can do it also this time around^_^ lol…

  4. Miso_Luv Says:

    Yup absolutely…..You should mention Aus too….We’re kind of isolate with the rest of the world Lol…
    Anyway WGs hwaiting….Happy 2nd year anniversary!!!

  5. -lee- Says:

    time sure flies…
    happy 2nd anniversary to our beautiful girls!! ❤
    i hope there are many many more years to come!
    and also thank you so much cutegiurl for everything, you’re a true wonderful and you rock!
    wonder girls and wonderfuls hwaiting!!

  6. wgholic Says:

    happy 2nd anniversary wonder girls!
    you’re right once a wonderful always a wonderful ❤

  7. YuL Says:

    happy 2nd aniversary
    love the wonder girls forever

  8. DiY_MaN Says:

    Our Girls debut 2 years pass very fast.
    Happy 2 nd Anni. ^_^

    PS: Check pm fast, i have some file foe u blog.

  9. sun.hei Says:

    Happy 2nd anni to our wonderful Wonder Girls and to all Wonderfuls!^^
    Love you till the end<3
    And keep up your amazing work cutegiurl!^^ you give me the best infos about the girls, so thank you so much.

  10. wf Says:

    For WGs :X =)

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