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[info] 02-03-09 The Wonder Girls Meet Will.i.am February 6, 2009

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Hi everyone!

Guess who we met last night… Will.i.am from The Black Eyed Peas!!!

He hosted a Grammy-nominated Artist Exhibition in L.A. and it was so crazy to meet him in person. We were pleasantly surprised that a lot of VIPs and American media were interested in us, too. We thought they’d just think: who are these five girls uniformly dressed with funky, blockish hairstyles!?

Aside from all the meetings and tight schedules, we’re having so much fun randomly meeting top artists, industry professionals and, of course, our fans! Hope we have more of those opportunities and that we’re able to show off our songs and dance moves, too.

Till tomorrow with love,


credits: MTV Iggy


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