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[HQ-MKV] 02-02-09 Wonder Girls – PeriPera Date on Mnet Wide News February 4, 2009

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another interview clip for their PeriPera Date but i won’t be subbing his unless someone gives me a translation….anyways i will be posting another clip and that is the rankof Sohee & Sunye for Mnet Super 100! wait for it ^_^…less people come as day pass by…well i can’t blame you guys…i hardly update…i will keep up….welll there isn’t much to update anyways….when WG become active again i will too! haha ^_^

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Mediafire: 001 | 002

*download all and join them with HJSplit*

credits: etbbong & cutegiurl


6 Responses to “[HQ-MKV] 02-02-09 Wonder Girls – PeriPera Date on Mnet Wide News”

  1. i love sunye Says:

    thanks for posting this…they looks pretty here..

  2. (^_^)Ongamo Says:

    all Cute… Thanks

  3. Miso_Luv Says:

    Sun Mi hair’s here is so nice….make me remember when she was in MTV Season 3…..so silly….Lol
    Wgs especially look gorgeous these days…..

  4. DiY_MaN Says:

    I saw u reply sbjie post, I think u will d/l all. it better than
    my files ^^

  5. DiY_MaN Says:

    @ cutegiurl

    Check PM on spectal! [super 100 avi]

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