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[news] 6 Hottest Korean Aritists of the year 2008 (fans votes) February 2, 2009

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No.6 Wonder girls (the one and only girl band who win boys and girls hearts)

Actually there are only TOP 5 for the hottest artists only but if we don’t write about Wonder girls, we think we’re gonna get tons of complaints from A-star fans for sure. WG is the only girl band that the fans truly admit they are cool. According to their super sexy and super cute and super cool look, it’s not that difficult for us to fall for them. Cuz if they’re not cool, you think they are gonna have the concert in bangkok?

Read more for No.1~6.

No.1 Super Junior (High rating from the beginging till now)

Since the 1st time SJ debuted till now. We received tons of emails, phonecalls, SMS asking about the boys. Most of the fans said they don’t like SJ just because of their cute looks but it’s because they’ve been working hard, their performances are awesome. We cannot imagine how many times they’ve been practicing to get the best performance on the stage. SJ is the inspiration for many fans.

No.2 DBSK (no one is greater than TVXQ)

Since their 1st debut, we got tons of requests about them such as “What kind of the girl does Micky Yoochun like?” , “Does Xiah Junsu’s father allow him to get married with Thai girls?” etc. The reason why boys become the most request is not because of their handsome look only but it’s because they’re the best in dancing, singing, performing. They’ve been trained hard and have been working hard. They’re the good model for teenagers. Afterall they got such a good heart, that’s why we all love them so much.

No3. Rain (the immortal of Korea)

We cannot deny the fact that Rain is the super star in Korea. From his poor childhood. How he’s been fighting to be able to stand in this position, makes us love him. From Korean to Hollywood, he’s the inspiration for many many new coming artists. And no matter what he does, he always got our attention.

No.4 Big Bang (Wake up the rap phenomenon)

We get used to the POP songs but Big Bang could just wake up the hip-hop nature in our blood. Normally hip hop would look rough and hard but Big Bang’s fashion is unbelievably awesome! Their songs are not too rough and the lyrics are from their talented leader “G-Dragon” this makes us so impressed in them.

No.5 F.T Island (unbelievable musicians)

Many people assume that F.T Island music was POP , according to their cute look. But in fact their songs are Pop-rock and they are so good performing live and dont forget that they’re only 16-18! They are super talented!

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One Response to “[news] 6 Hottest Korean Aritists of the year 2008 (fans votes)”

  1. ur Charisma Says:

    Good Job to them :]
    They really deserve it.
    It really is a lot harder for Girl Groups to be sucessful
    but at times like these, It makes me proud 🙂

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