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[news+pics] ‘Free Style’ Update with Wonder Girls’ YooBin Character February 1, 2009

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JC Entertainment’s basketball game, ‘Free Style’, is being updated with a character for YooBin from the popular group the Wonder Girls.

The update—which will be implemented on February 1—is the second for ‘Free Style, the Second Half’ since last December. The last update featured ‘SoHee’, ‘YeEun’, and ‘SunMi’ characters. The upcoming update will feature not only the ‘YooBin’ special character but also an exclusive collection featuring the Wonder Girls’ wardrobe and hair-dos.

This exclusive collection is particularly special because it offers a variety of styles representing each of the Wonder Girls’ hit songs including the ‘Nobody Style’, the ‘Tell Me Style’, and the ‘So Hot Style’. In addition, users who purchased items from the first update will not only have an opportunity to get their hands on the special bonus Wonder Girls outfits but also Wonder Girls hair-do items that can be used on regular characters as well.

Through this new update, ‘Free Style’ is hoping to sustain the same level of popularity seen from the first stage of the ‘Free Style, the Second Half’ update.

Meanwhile, there are also plans to launch an event along with the update. In the ‘Take the Wonder Girls~!’ event which lasts until February 8, all users who purchase Wonder Girls characters will receive a specially produced Wonder Girls desktop calendar. Relevant information can be found on the ‘Free Style’ homepage (fs.joycity.com).

[Source: http://joynews.inews24.com/php/news_view.p…g_serial=389328]

credits: ppopki @ spectacle

credits: wonderholic & cutegiurl


One Response to “[news+pics] ‘Free Style’ Update with Wonder Girls’ YooBin Character”

  1. sun.hei Says:

    hehe yoobin’s new charater looks good..xD not really yoobin-ish..but oh well.
    it’s a good idea that they’ll put WG’s outfits on the game..lucky korean fans can play it>.<

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